What Is Mobile Learning (M-Learning)? Advantages & Disadvantages

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Updated: January 23, 2018


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What is the Definition of Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning (m-learning) is education via the Internet or network using personal mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones to obtain learning materials through mobile apps, social interactions and online educational hubs. It is flexible, allowing student’s access to education anywhere, anytime. With mobile technology becoming less expensive and internet access widely available, the trend for mobile learning is likely to increase dramatically in coming years.


Mobile learning provides a way for educational institutions to deliver knowledge and educational content to students on any platform, anyplace and at the time of need. Students use mobile apps and tools to complete and upload assignments to teachers, download course instruction and work in online social groups to complete tasks.



How Does Mobile Learning Work?

Typically, mobile learners access their material through a special piece of software called a learning management system (LMS). The LMS houses all of the training material and provides a single point of access for users and training coordinators alike. It can be used for completing assignments, evaluations, quizzes, interacting with other learners, and monitoring the activities of training participants. Method to Avoid Cheating in Online Examination System. For mobile technology, the software will also have a mobile version of the internet site or a separate application that needs to be downloaded to the user’s device. The interface should feel intuitive and similar between whatever version is being used at any given time.



Mobile Teaching

If you’re standing and delivering your lesson and in full control from beginning to end in a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, mobile teaching doesn’t make much sense for you. Why Use An Online Examination System? There are lots of reasons you want to use an online exam system, but the main reason is the overwhelming advantages you get form using such an online exam system instead of the good old fashioned paper exam.


Picture a triangle between the mobile tech, the communities students live in, and the teachers as content and assessment experts, with the work of students in the center.


Mobile teaching doesn’t center the technology, but rather rethinks curriculum, planning, teaching, and learning in a way that aligns most evenly with the technology most accessible to you, all in service for extraordinary and inherently personalized learning experiences for students.


Examples of Mobile Learning in Education


Offering Mobile Learning Material

You can offer texts, videos or audios. It’s possible to do this whenever you want. Participants are able to prepare homework by watching a video that the teacher has put online. This way of mobile learning is relatively less interactive. 


Live Polling Tools

Live digital polling/quizzing tools can be used both as welcome and exit tickets in the classroom for formative assessment. Lecturers can use these tools to determine what students already know and what should be concentrated upon. This can also provide insight into individual student strength and weakness and help give personalized instruction when needed.



There are numerous apps out there like translators and dictionaries which allow us to quickly look up terms and meanings. Going beyond that, you can continue to work on your Spanish for this year’s summer holidays by using mobile learning apps. Flashcard decks are one of the hot tools in e-learning and now your deck is available on your phone or table at any time.



 This can be used to create videos or podcasts. Access important online lecture that you have saved to your favourite YouTube channel.  Access it on your smartphone for all the latest notes and information.



 When viewing your resources on your phone, take snapshots of your note. Perhaps your data limit is running dangerously low, having a bunch of your Flashcard Decks screen-grabbed and accessed as an image will save you money.


Use Of QR Codes

Quick response (QR) codes are another great way to use mobile technology in the classroom. Links to further resources, complex diagrams and images, solutions to tasks could be coded and made available to students.



The Advantages of Mobile Learning and how an LMS can help you achieve these goals


Learning Flexibility.

Online learning created flexibility by eliminating the need for learning to happen at a set time and a set place. Now mobile takes learning flexibility even further by making instructional content such as videos, podcasts, and other multimedia formats available on smartphones and tablets. What’s more, learners have the added flexibility of being able to access this content on their mobile devices whenever and wherever they want.


Learning Οn Multiple Devices.

Employee training needs to be convenient. And technology makes it possible for the same eLearning courses to be available on all devices an employee might interact with on a daily basis, from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones.


Better Performance.

Employees prefer learning methods that don’t disrupt their daily routines. Information must be made easy to access while at work. The result is the creation of an employee learning habit that supports a higher quality of workplace performance.


Collaborative learning

Engaging learners towards the establishment of online learning communities is more effective using mobile devices. This is one of the biggest mobile learning advantages, as learning as a process quite often suffers from lack of collaboration among eLearners.


Higher engagement

Extant research and statistics reveal a higher engagement rate when courses are delivered using the mobile format. One of the advantages mobile learning offers is that of personalization, which adds to the sense of engagement and motivation of the users. Moreover, the fact that mobile learning is accessible any time via mobile app, any place by the users, helps learners stay on track with their training, which results in less dropouts.


Boosts Learner engagement

Training at the workplace mostly consists of verbal and desktop communication, but adapting mobile learning can bring several opportunities to engage the learner on a digital and social level outside of the work. This new dimension will erase the sense of boredom in learners’ mind about the course.


Address all learning styles

Mobile learning can fit different learning styles as it allows learners to do the following:

  • Reading
  • Learning through videos
  • Listening to podcasts (Audio)
  • Research on the Internet



Disadvantages of Mobile Learning


Size inconvenience

The mobile device normally has a small screen size where the student is forced to strain their eyes as they access the online resources. The information provided may also be incomplete due to the limited size of the device.


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Technological problems

Mobile learning can be challenging if there’s no device standardization. Teachers may face the problem of keeping all their students on the same level since smartphones and tablets have access to different operating systems and hardware. The students may not be able to engage in online discussions or even access the coursework.


Small Screen

At times the convenient small screen on mobile phones can be a big disadvantage, as reading documents on a small screen can lead to eye strain.

Many of us will have experienced this!


Prone to Distractions:

The hyper connected smartphone user may receive, (or even expect to receive), SMS, social media or news notifications during a mobile learning session. This reduces the learner’s sense of solitude, which could lower the learner’s engagement level vs a classroom experience.


Battery Life

The article incorrectly states that the battery life for mobile devices is 2-4 hours. This is further evidence that this article is outdated. Your average smart phone these days has at least 2-3 days of stand-by power and the battery will run 8-10 hours of continuous operation. If a learner needs a continuous learning experience that is mobile and lasts more than several hours, you should probably re-evaluate your mobile learning strategy.


Mobile learning and Examin LMS

Mobile learning is certainly possible with our learning management system. You can motivate your pupils to learn things from their mobile devices. Ask questions and make your pupils answer them by a quiz during a lecture.

Content Source – TeachThought


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