How to use PPC Marketing to grow Traffic

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Creating your own blog for the very first time! One of the hardest aspect is growth, to decide whether you should invest some money to get people to know your website/blog. This is quite tough for bloggers to spend money for PPC marketing in starting but have to start somewhere and adding a little money behind any website or blog is always a great way to get more traffic and speeding up the monetization process.

One of the most well-known effect is the use of PPC marketing.



Content marketing and SEO is also the great ways to get the good amount of traffic or visitors to your site. The only problem is these two strategies may take several months, years to build or get an impressive traffic on your blog or site.




What is PPC marketing/advertising?

PPC marketing is the process of advertising through the major search engines and paying for audience on a pay per click basis. Ex: If people are looking for shoes than you have to pay to appear on the top results of the search engine. When someone clicks on one of the links, then they are sent to your site and you have to pay to the search engine for clicks.


PPC marketing




There are also number of businesses who are generating high amounts of revenue, who want to expand their reach through paid advertising. That’s where PPC marketing comes in.


Hence this method is for business and lead generation market and not same for the bloggers but still it can work if you know how to monetize you traffic. On the other side, PPC is also highly important, complicated and of high risk.



!!Google makes over $100 million per day through Adwords!!



How much traffic to your blog might cost?

  • Google Adwords keyword tools can be used to get impressive keywords, what actually people are searching for, how frequently they search for these keywords, the competition of these keywords in market and how much people are paying per click.
  • While selecting keywords and search phrases think about the long tail keywords that can be used to promote individual posts. This can get the impact on your cost and success of your ad campaigns.
  • With paid advertising, you also get the chance to reach to target audience where previously you were unable to reach.



Few reasons to give a try to PPC marketing:

  • It’s predictable
  • Gets results faster than any other advertising
  • Easy to scale by raising your little bit of budget or by targeting additional keywords
  • Get more time to focus on your product or blog




ppc success
Success with PPC Marketing



Target traffic outside of Google

Google is not only the place where you can target your audience to reach to you site. There are some other big players as well. Like:

  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Yahoo


In the world of blogging it’s all about building a community around your blog and getting people to find your site and keep them coming back!!!



So, are you ready to advertise your blog that can help you reach at the top of search engine? 

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