Names of Phobia, Mania and Philias

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Different people react differently to various stimuli. While some people like the thrill of mountaineering, some others fear height. The term, which we use for describing irrational and excessive fear is, ‘phobia’.A person experiencing a phobia of something feels a deep sense of dread or panic upon encountering their source of fear. Generally, there is something specific, like an object, place, phenomenon, etc. that gives rise to phobia. The examples of some most common phobias are aquaphobia, acrophobia, arachnophobia, etc. Read on to find out what these terms mean.

On the other hand, an undue inclination towards a specific object, place, thing, occurrence, etc. is termed as ‘philia‘. Below is a list of common phobia/ manias/philias. Go through the list and try to remember as many terms as you can. In addition to improving your general knowledge, this list will also enhance your vocabulary. 

List of Common Phobia, Manias and Philias:

AchluophobiaFear of darkness
AcrophobiaFear of heights
AgraphobiaFear of sexual abuse
AgrizoophobiaFear of wild animals
AgyrophobiaFear of crossing the road
AichmophobiaFear of sharp or pointed objects (needle, knifeetc.)
AilurophobiaFear of cats
AlgophobiaFear of pain
AquaphobiaFear of water
ArchnophobiaFear of spiders
AstraphobiaFear of thunder and lightning
AtychiphobiaFear of failure
AutophobiaFear of being alone or isolated or of one’s self
AviophobiaFear of flying
ChronophobiaFear of time and time moving forward
CleithrophobiaThe fear of being trapped
CoulrophobiaFear of clowns (not restricted to evil clowns)
GamophobiaFear of marriage, commitment
GephyrophobiaFear of bridges
GlossophobiaFear of speaking in public or of trying to speak
HalitophobiaFear of bad breath
HemophobiaFear of blood
HylophobiaFear of trees, forests or wood
MelissophobiaFear of bees
MyrmecophobiaFear of ants
MysophobiaFear of germs, contamination or dirt
NecrophobiaFear of death and/or the dead
OikophobiaFear of home surroundings and household appliances
OmbrophobiaFear of rain
OptophobiaFear of opening one’s eyes
PhasmophobiaFear of ghosts or phantoms
PhonophobiaFear of loud sounds
PyrophobiaFear of fire
SophophobiaThe fear of learning
SpectrophobiaFear of mirrors
ThalassophobiaFear of the sea, or fear of being in the ocean
XenophobiaFear of strangers, foreigners, or aliens
XylophobiaFear of trees, forests or wood
ApiphobiaFear/dislike of bees 
ArachnophobiaFear/dislike of spiders and other arachnids
CynophobiaFear/dislike of dogs
EntomophobiaFear/dislike of insects


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