Online Examination

Online examination system

How the online exam system ?

works as teacher or course builder creates an account with an examin Software. In such examination system, you can make the questions and add them to the examination. You can choose between multiple choice questions or free text queries. Students are provided with a url to the online exam, they can sign up and take the exam. They see the results immediately afterwards to read more about the objectives of an online exam system

What is online exam?

The online exam is organizing an examination online to measure the knowledge of participants. In the olden days, all had to collect in the classroom to take an exam at the same time. With the online exam, students can make the exam online, in their own time and with their own device, even if they give life. You need a browser and an internet connection



What are the specific features of the online exam system?

Obviously it should be possible to make an examination and create a question, preferably to provide the option to make a question bank in the exam. And when the student passes an exam or fails, then you have to be able to set the rules. To get detailed images of those features are just basics, check out our online test facilities.

Benefits and limitations of an online exam system

The big advantage of online exams is the cost and time constraints, both of them as teachers are from the student. The biggest limit is that you have to be online to use the online exam system. Hence the name “Online” Read more on the advantages and disadvantages of an online exam system

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