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Scholarship Examination in India

Online Exam Software to Create Exams | Online Tests | Test Creation – EXAMIN


Updated: January 23, 2018



Providing you the best range of Online Exam Software, Online Examination System, Online Test Software, Online Test System, Web Based Exam Software and Android Based Exam System with effective & timely delivery.


Online Exam Software

With the continuous support and sincere efforts put by our experienced professionals, we have been able to provide our clients the best quality Online Exam Software Service. Provided service is rendered under the stern guidance of our experienced professionals using modern technology. Our skilled professionals render this service as per the needs of our precious clients. Provided service can be availed for our esteemed clients at most competitive price. It offers an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams and many more.



Conduct Exam offer an integrated package of software applications for online exams, offline exams, lab based exams, center based exams and many more. Conduct Exam has already conducted innumerable exams throughout and has proved highly successful and simplified in campus placement reducing manpower requirement and the cost implementation as well as work load of the company officials. The results are highly reliable, quick, saves time and manpower. The team of conduct exam puts constant efforts to make it more simple and user friendly. New research and updates are constantly focused and added to conduct exam.


Online Test Software

Online Exam Software developed for individuals of Educational Sector, Business and Organization, and easy to use for everyone as well as Teacher & Candidate.

Online Exam Software Included by Industry leading. Online applications are much more secured than emailing your data or giving out discs with your data on it.


Import & export data

With Onilne Exam Software you can easily export/import data in populer formates like word, excel, pdf and etc. Its’s integrated email support system also help to send lists and results to the users. Exam Software is a Test Management Software to create and conduct computer based online examination. Assign tests with public & private options, Results automatically graded & instantly available etc. With Online Exam Software you can see your result easily. Companies and recruiting agencies can do the skills evaluation very easily using our test engine.

Examin brings best Online Exam Software, online testing software, exam software, online examination software in php, online assessment system, online test software, Online Examination Software with source code. Readymade Test Series for SSC and Banking, Bank Clerk, CA-CPT, Bank PO, DGET & PMKVY Assessment.



Online Test System

Our portal Examin (Conduct Exam) is designed as effective online test platform, providing simple solutions to complicated process. It provides an easy to use solution for Directors/ Exam coordinator of the educational / Training organizations to manage their online exams, and offer the same effectively to their students. Examin (Conduct Exam) is the most sophisticated, innovative and user friendly online test platform and promises to its clients to help them automate their online examination process completely. From registrations of students to creating test paper for them by uploading of question paper on its own – everything is in the control of our clients.

  • Bilingual Test Support
  • Online report management with result analysis
  • Payment Collection method as per latest industry trends via payment gateway or by coupon system
  • leverages its thoroughly thought processes and features to make the life of both examine and examiner easier in an evaluation process
  • fully automated system that not only save the time but also gives fast accurate result
  • You can always keep your students updated about the upcoming events by publishing news & updates
  • Online Test Solution
  • A well-integrated content sharing platform between students & management
  • Role based access and security for users
  • Role based access and security for users
  • Extensive Question Bank
  • Developed on Latest Technologies and Fully Secure as per Industry Standards
  • Adding Questions to system with just a single click
  • Email notification will automatically being sent
  • Email notification will automatically being sent
  • Graphical analysis to analyze Rank,Percentage,Percentile,Overall performance etc for Students
  • Online report management with result analysis



Web Based Exam Software

Be Smart! Now a day we all are surf and connected with other via mobile. Examin provide all kind of finical application also in android base or mobile base application. Like booking keeping software, online mobile base order management software, Mobile based portfolio and news feeder application. Examin develops mobile application in Android Technology. We also provide “webapp” which will be suitable for all mobile and tablet device. We provide Android application and Mobile application solution.

  • Android Application
  • Registration on Google Play
  • Mobile WebApp
  • Customized Requirements
  • Order Management on Mobile
  • Compatible with any version of Android Version



Android Based Test Software

  • Online Exam is an online assessment portal which aims at helping students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time constraints in the task of constant evaluation of student performance.
  • It is a most powerful user friendly exam portal available in the academic market at affordable price.
  • You can even administer the examination in conventional method by printing the question papers.
  • You can create your own eLearning study material, quiz for academic development of kids. Assume the responsibility of supervising your children and make their career brighter.
  • For schools, colleges, coachings, universities managing the examination has never been easy.
  • Now school teachers and college/university professors can manage question papers very easily.
  • Useful for school, college, university, teachers, coachings and professors for managing question papers and examinations.
  • Recruiting agencies, companies can use it for candidate’s skills evaluation by conducting online test.
  • It is very useful for parents in the academic development of kids to improve their
  • educational skills.
  • Unique ID/Password for each student to login and appear for exam
  • Online test generation and administration
  • Print utility to print the question paper as per your requirement
  • Students can skip questions and answer it later
  • Students can submit answered questions at any point by clicking Submit button to end exam
  • Results can be viewed after submit
  • Students will be notified whether they have passed the exam or not with reports
  • Students can check each and every question they attempted along with their answer and correct answerquired Processor 



Web Based Test System

Conduct Exam is a fully integrated platform for providing end to end online examination service right from candidate registration to result processing. Here are 2 important reasons why Conduct Exam is the right choice for education, recruitment, manufacturing, and logistics:

A Complete, Intuitive, Dynamic Package

Conduct Exam automates all assessment phases: registering, scheduling, delivering, and reporting. It provides hassle-free question & student management, categorization and analysis. The entire process from enrollment to progress reports can be done with absolute accuracy and consistent ease.


Quality and Reliability

We understand that conducting an examination is a highly sensitive activity with security being a major concern and so the level of security incorporated in Conduct Exam is unparalleled. We have proven expertise in developing and administrating industry accepted assessments aimed at evaluating a person’s employability for the specific sector.



Online Exam System

Enhanced Campus Automation System provides solution for Online Exam System with all types of interface options required for Computer Based Test i.e. Desktop Application, Web Based Online Test Interface or Android App based interface for conducting online tests on smarphones and tabs.


This Online Test Software module is also available as standalone because many institutes want to implement only exam test software for the preparation of online exams. In such a case only limited features related to Online Test Software are visible in the administrator and user interface of the Institute Management Software.



Online Exam Software Service Provider

Online Exam is one of the expertise service provided by the E-exams Division of Multigraphics, which is the Fastest, Accurate, Efficient, Human Error Free, Fully Automated E-exam, conducted for Professional Courses, Competitive Exams, Campus Recruitment, Government Recruitment etc.

Leading Universities, Government Organizations, Institutes, Colleges, Schools, Mnc are conducting their Exams for Professional Courses, Competitive Exams, Campus Recruitment.

This activity is also termed as Post Examination.

Advantages of the Exam:


  • Result is declared immediately.
  • Chances of Cheating are negligible.
  • Chances of Question Paper Leakage minimized as there is no hard copy, which passes
  • through number of Hands before Exam.
  • No Hard Copy Answer Sheet is required, No tampering of Answer Sheet.
  • N Number of Candidate can appear in exam.
  • 100% Accurate
  • 100% Transparent
  • Highly Economical
  • Time Saving



  1. What is online examination?
    Online examination is the latest trend for selecting candidates in educational and employment sectors. Conventional examination procedure which is a time consuming process has been replaced by online examination in the recent times. This modern form of assessment has become widely accepted in most of the recognized institutions and organizations.
    Online examination is a new technique to conduct an examination through internet.


  1. Why it has been popular?
    The formal examination system is a very long procedure to conduct an examination. From the respect of the recruiter, they should give extra effort on the examination to select employees for the organization. This is a huge responsibility and extra load to the recruiter to conduct an examination. This is very costly and extremely tedious to conduct an examination. Side by side online examination is a very sophisticated examination conducting system



  1. What are the advantages of this system?
    Lot of companies is gladly taking this modern system to exemption form the tedious written examination system. Low cost, minimum effort, minimum employee deployment, saving time, instant result and conduct an examination India and abroad.


  1. How recruiters conduct an examination?
    Create an account as a recruiter in Online Job of local host. You will get a control panel. Using this control panel you can upload job, examination date and time, send massages to the candidates.



  1. What are the recruiter’s advantages?
    Using this system, recruiter can conduct examination in India and abroad. They can select candidates for their organization within very short time. At present it is most important to save time and better approach to the outside people with the advance system. Recruiter can upload their own questions from their control panel either they can conduct the examination by our uploaded questions. Online Examination


Whether your business requires custom software development for tools that will streamline operations, or that will pull in more customers, our team of custom software developers will help your realise your product within your budget.



Recruitment Exam Software

Recruitment Exam Software is Service provided by E-recruitment Division of Multigraphics, which is Completely Automated & part of Pre & Post Examination Activity. This is the most Efficient, Fastest, Human Error Free, Transparent System of Conducting the Recruitment. Most of Government Agencies, MNCs, PSUs are adopting this methodology.
In this process candidate apply Online on the Web portal, upload all the personal information with desired certificates, applying fee, photo etc.

Admit card is generated with Roll Number, Center Detail, Seating Arrangement can be from the Web Portal.

Online Exam is conducted & Result is declared immediately.

Advantages of the Online Recruitment:

  • Accuracy 100%
  • No Human error.
  • Economical, Fastest & Efficient Method
  • N Number of Candidate can apply.
  • 100% Transparent
  • Highly Economical
  • Time Saving



Online Assessment Software

Examin is new cloud based assessment software that will run on any machine / platform with an internet connection. Designed to allow formative and summative assessment it works with any of the Genee response handsets and Virtual G-Pad by simply installing a receiver app on the local machine.

Questions and information slides can be created directly inside Examin using its powerful content editor and a number of templates then stored and shared in an online customisable databank.

Tests and exams can be set up to be completed On or Offline within a specified time frame. All data is captured instantly and then reported via charts and graphs and stored along with the class data on the cloud.

Works with all major browsers.

Key features

  • Apple Compatible
  • Windows Compatible
  • Share Resources
  • Online Assessment
  • Content Editor
  • Offline Tests
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Question
  • Time Setting
  • Question Databas



Why Examin ?


Our online exam software support all mathematical tools required to create an online question bank. All questions in the online question bank are inserted using mathematical parameters like formula, equations and symbols in terms of simple code instead of images which are difficult and time consuming to create, edit and maintain.



Our online subjective exam software provides a web application through which a student appears in online subjective exam in the same way as traditionally except pen and paper are replaced by a computer/laptop and pen-tablet enriched by Examin latest technology enabled software. Question paper can be created by the admin or its staff. Student attempts the exam online on scheduled date and time through a registered login ID and password either at desktop, laptop or tablet. Students can do everything i.e. can draw diagrams, figures, or write equations or solve matrics or make a balance sheet in the same way as usually done with a pen and paper. This is not a text area based subjective exam. It’s a realistic computerized subjective exam where an examiner is free to ask any type of question that he/she would have asked traditionally.



We provides 100% security to our client for all type of data and also provides 100% network uptime through a redundant network architecture, redundant Internet connectivity through multiple providers, and both battery and generator backup. Technicians monitor the servers and network 24/365, and are available on-site to perform routine maintenance after hours or address any issues when they occur. So use services from anywhere and anytime.



Examin provide 24×7 technical support to our clients via phone, email, live chat and support channel. For instant help, we provide live help facilities and client get instant solution on hold. We also provide support ticket channel through which any one can raise a ticket and our technical team support as per client need.



Online Exam Software Platform

Prochem specializes in creating efficient, effective workflow and collaboration solutions delivered via web portals, corporate intranets and extranets for enterprises. We leverage Microsoft SharePoint, COTS and Open Source technology to build solutions that connect people, information, partners, vendors and customers improving productivity, speed of response and reducing operational costs.


We Bring You The World’s Best Online Exam, Assessment & Test Series Web Portal @ best QUOTE!


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