Human Diseases caused by Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa & Worm

List of Human Diseases caused by Bacteria, Virus, Fungi, and Protozoa. Bacteria aid in food digestion, nutrient absorption, vitamin production, and protect against other harmful microbes. Disease: Anthrax. Pathogen: Bacillus anthracis. Transmission: By contact with farm animal hair, hides or excrement.

Today we will be covering a very important topic from the Biology part of the General Knowledge section that is – List of Diseases caused by Virus, Bacteria, Protozoa and Worm. Around 2 questions from this topic are asked about this topic in every government exam. Thus, the post is very helpful for the upcoming SSC Exam and other competitive Exam

List of Human Diseases caused by Protozoa:

Disease Affected organ Parasites Carrier Symptoms
Malaria RBC and Liver Plasmodium Female Anophelies Fever with shivering
Pyorrhoea Gums Entamoeba gingivelis Bleeding from gums
Sleeping sickness Brain Trypanosoma Tse-Tse flies Fever with severe sleep
Diarrhoea Intestine Entamoeba Histolytica House flies Mucous and Diarrohea with blood
Kala-ajar Bone marrow Leismania donovani Sand flies High fever
Filaria Wuchereia Culex Swelling in legs, testes and
    baoncrofti moszuitoes other parts of body

List of Human Diseases caused by Bacteria:

Disease Affected organ Name of Bacteria Symptoms
Tetanus Nervous system Clostridium tetani High fever, spasm in body, Closing of jaws etc
Cholera Intestine Vibrio cholerae Continuous stool and vomiting
Typhoid Intestine Salmonella typhosa High fever, headache
Tuberculosis Lungs Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Repeated coughing
Diphtheria Respiratory tube Corynebacterium diphtheriae Difficulty in respiration and suffocation
Plague Lungs, area between the two legs Pasteurella pesties Very high fever, muscular
Whooping cough Respiratory system Hemophilis pertusis Continuous coughing
Pneumonia Lungs Diplococcus pneumoniae High fever, swelling in lungs
Leprosy Skin leprae Nervous System affected Nervous System Spots on body, nerves
Gonorrhea Urinary Path Neisseria gonorrhoeae Swelling in urinary path.
Syphilis Urinary path Treponema pallidum Wounds in urinogenial tract
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