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Best books for JEE Advanced 2018 Books for Physics, Chemistry & Math:


Preparing for engineering exam in India is tough. It gets tricky when one has to choose the best reference books for preparation. In this article Examin experts lists down JEE Advanced 2018 Books for Physics, Chemistry & Math.

A first step towards successful JEE preparation is choosing the right book for JEE. However, aspirants should avoid referring too many books at a time, as it leads to confusion.



What are the best books needed to crack JEE?


So you are targeting JEE 2018? Confused with which book to refer? Don’t worry! Given below is a list of JEE Advanced 2018 Books for Physics, Chemistry & Math. It can help in supplementing your JEE Preparation. Read on.




1. Concepts of Physics (Volume – 1) 1st Edition:


H C Verma’s Concepts Of Physics is an all-inclusive book, which serves to detail out the ABC of physics in an intricate manner making it an ideal book for not only the higher secondary students, but also for those who are preparing for their competitive examinations.

Summary Of The Book

Physics as a subject is vast and to have all the concepts of Physics compiled in one book is indeed a boon to all students. The book has been tailored to meet the needs 10 + 2 or higher secondary students and for the students who are appearing for a competitive examination. It has everything a student would possibly need for their success in exams. The book comes supplemented with a large number of solved and unsolved problems. Numerical exercises inundate the book for a better understanding of the subject.

The book starts with an Introduction to Physics and goes on to elucidate the concept of Physics and Mathematics in the second chapter. In the third chapter the author talks about Rest and Motion: Kinematics. In the fourth chapter he moves on to discuss the concept of Forces. Newton’s Laws of Motion is elaborated in the fifth chapter and the theory of Friction is expanded in the sixth chapter. The seventh and eighth chapters feature discussion on Circular Motion and Work and Energy while the focus of the tenth chapter is on Rotational Mechanics.

The details of Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion and Fluid Mechanics are developed in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth chapters. The fourteenth and fifteenth chapters explain Some Mechanical Properties of Matter and Wave Motion and Waves on a String. The sixteenth and seventeenth chapters focus on Sound Waves and Light Waves while the eighteenth chapter stresses on the Geometrical Optics. The nineteenth chapter elaborates on Optical Instruments and Dispersion and Spectra, Speed of Light and Photometry is discussed in the twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second chapter.  

The book also consists of two appendices. This edition was published in 2011.




2. Concepts of Physics 2 1st Edition:


Catering to the needs of pre-college students, and for students preparing for courses like engineering and medicine, author H. C. Verma compiles an exhaustive list of topics under one book – Concepts of Physics (Volume-2).

Summary Of The Book

Concepts of Physics explains the different theories and concepts in an easy-to-understand way, making it popular among students. H. C. Verma’s book is an all-inclusive theoretical and conceptual guide that covers a vast range of topics. It is an ideal book not only for pre-college students but also for those appearing for competitive exams in the field of engineering and medicine. It is a book that aims to comprehensively guide the students in various aspects of physics thus, making them fully equipped to answer any type of questions that may come in the exams.

Volume 2 of the Concepts of Physics starts with a chapter on Heat and Temperature. It moves on to explain the Kinetic Theory of Gases. The concepts of Calorimetry, Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Specific Heat Capacities of Gases are discussed in the subsequent chapters. There are separate chapters on Gauss’s Law, Electric Field and Potential, and Capacitors.

The book also features chapters and detailed explanations on Electric Current in Conductors, Thermal and Chemical effects of Electric Current, and Magnetic Field. The author also elucidates on the concept of Permanent Magnets, Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves. He further stresses on the Magnetic Field due to a current, Magnetic Properties of Matter, Alternating Current and Electric Current through Gases. In the last chapters of the book, the author details out on Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom, Photoelectric Effect and Wave Particle Duality, X-rays, The Nucleus, Theory of Relativity and, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices.
Each chapter has been intricately dealt with in the book. It is an ideal study book for all kinds of competitive exams like IIT-JEE and different types of state level exams for engineering and medicine.




3. 39 Years’ Chapterwise Topicwise Solved Papers (2017-1979) IIT JEE Physics:


Getting into an IIT is not an easy task and aspirants preparing for JEE Main and Advanced need to be very dedicated and focused so as to hit the bull’s eye. Every year a large number of students dream of getting into IITs, the premier engineering institutes of our country, but only the ones with thorough preparation and determination succeed in getting admission in undergraduate engineering programs at IITs. It is all about practice and with this best-selling resource from Arihant students preparing for JEE Main and Advanced can master the skills and the concepts covered and asked in JEE Main and Advanced. The present book for JEE Main and Advanced Physics has been divided into 17 Chapters namely General Physics, Kinematics, Laws of Motions, Work, Power and Energy, Centre of Mass, Rotation, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Properties of Matter, Wave Motion, Heat and Thermodynamics, Optics, Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Magnetics, Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current and Modern Physics, according to the syllabi of JEE Main and Advanced. This specialized book contains last 39 Years’ (1979-2017) Chapterwise Solved Questions of IIT JEE Physics along with previous years’ solved papers of IIT JEE and JEE Main and Advanced. The entire syllabus of Class 11th and 12th has been comprehensively to ensure maximum understanding of the concepts. The questions asked in previous years’ examinations have been solved with their authentic and accurate solutions and have been provided chapterwise and topicwise in this book. Also, required study material for comprehensive understanding has been included in each chapter in the form of Chapter Crux Points. The book also contains last three years’ (2015-2017) Solved Papers JEE Main and Advanced to help aspirants get an insight into the current examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein. As the book contains ample number of previous solved questions, it for sure will help the aspirants score higher in the upcoming JEE Main and Advanced 2018.




4. Organic Chemistry, 7e:


Organic chemistry is a subdivision of chemistry which deals with the learning of the structure, properties and reactions of organic mixtures and materials. Organic chemistry expresses the concepts and the basics of the topic in reader-friendly language. The book is divided into many sections that talk about the different features of this subdivision.

The chapters comprise of fundamental of organic chemistry, specific topics, chemistry of functional groups, contemporary and future organic chemistry and biomolecules and bioorganic chemistry. The 7th edition organic chemistry is available in paperback on Amazon and was published by Pearson education in the year 2010. The book broadly covers topics related in the present and upcoming situation such as drugs and synthetic dyes, nanoparticles and future devices, such as molecular machines and green chemistry.





5.  Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations:




This book introduces the mole concept as a tool for solving numerical problems in chemistry. All problems are solved using a set of clearly defined rules. The book covers all topics required at the +2 level and for various entrance examinations.









6. Numerical Chemistry: A New Pattern Book For JEE(Main And Advanced) And All Other Engineering Entrance Examinations:




New Pattern Numerical Chemistry: A New Pattern Book for IIT-JEE and all Other Engineering Entrance Examinations, authored by Dr. P. Bahadur, is a useful guide for students specializing in numerical chemistry. It comprises of IIT-JEE model test papers.








7. Concise Inorganic Chemistry:


Concise Inorganic Chemistry is ideal for all those students who are looking to study Inorganic chemistry in much more detail and understand the basics of each and every concept thoroughly. It is not just a collection of theoretical text; rather information given in the book is backed by proper reasoning or experiments. Full effort has been made to keep the language as simple as possible, so that it can be of use to all. This book is designed in such a way that it caters to all the questions that a student may have from inorganic chemistry. The book is divided into six parts so that the readers find it easy to locate their answers. Special attention has been given to the different blocks of the periodic table, so there are parts such as s-block, p-block and other bocks as well, hydrogen and other topics. It is continuously updated keeping in mind the latest changes in syllabus and any addition that has been made recently in the syllabus is reflected in this 5th edition. It is an ideal book for students preparing for competitive examinations.






8. IIT Mathematics For JEE (Main & Advanced):




S. K. Pundir, J. N. Sharma and M. L. Khanna’s IIT Mathematics For JEE (Main & Advanced) (Set Of 2 Volumes)is apt for JEE main and advanced exams. The book is divided into multiple sections so as to give you a better understanding of various concepts. The book covers JEE main and advanced syllabus.








9. Problems in Calculus of One Variable:




Table of Content Introduction to Mathematical Analysis Differentiation of Functions Application of Differential Calculus to Investigation of Functions Indefinite Integrals. Basic Methods of Integration Basic Classes of Integrable Functions The Definite Integral Applications of the Definite Integral Improper Integrals.











The Classic Texts Series is the only of its kind selection of classic pieces of work that started off as bestseller and continues to be the bestseller even today. These classic texts have been designed so as to work as elementary textbooks which play a crucial role in building the concepts from scratch as in-depth knowledge of concepts is necessary for students preparing for various entrance exams.The present book on Higher Algebrapresents all the elements of Higher Algebra in a single book meant to work as textbook for the students beginning their preparation of the varied aspects covered under Higher Algebra. The present book has been divided into 35 chapters namely Ratio, Proportion, Variation, Arithmetical Progression, Geometrical Progression, Harmonical Progression Theorems Connected with The Progression, Scales of Notation, Surds Imaginary Quantities, The Theory of Quadratic Equations, Miscellaneous Equations, Permutations Combinations, Mathematical Induction, Binomial Theorem Positive Integral Index, Binomial Theorem, Any Index, Multinational Theorem, Logarithms, Exponential Logarithmic Series, Interest Annuities, Inequalities, Limiting Values Vanishing Fractions, ConvergencyDivergency of Series, Undetermined Coefficients, Partial Fractions, Recurring Series, Continued Fractions, Recurring Series, Continued Fractions, Indeterminate Equations of the First Degree, Recurring Continued Fractions, Indeterminate Equations of the Second Degree, Summation of Series, Theory of Numbers, The General Theory of Continued Fractions, Probability, Determinants, Miscellaneous Theorems Examples and Theory of Equations, each subdivided into number of topics. The first few chapters in the book have been devoted to a fuller discussion of Ratio, Proportions, Variation and the Progressions. Both the theoretical text as well as examples have been treated minutely which will help in better understanding of the concepts covered in the book. Theoretical explanation of the concepts in points has been provided at the beginning of each chapter. At the end of each chapter, unsolved practice exercises have been provided to help aspirants revise the concepts discussed in the chapter. At the end of chapterwise study, miscellaneous examples have also been given along with answers and solutions to the unsolved examples covered in each chapter. All the relevant theorems covered under the syllabi of Higher Algebra have also been covered in the detail in this book.As the book covers the whole syllabi of Higher Algebra in detail along with ample number of solved examples, it for sure will help the students perfect the varied concepts covered under the Higher Algebra section. 



Apart from studying theory, one should also have books that comprises of JEE question papers of last few years. This could be of great help during JEE 2018 revision.



If you have any other updates that we should be included in this list of JEE Advanced 2018 Books for Physics, Chemistry & Math, then please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.



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