Karnataka GK Quiz: General Knowledge Questions

Interesting Facts about Karnataka

 The modern state of Karnataka was created on 1 November 1956, with the passage of the States Re-organisation Act. Earlier the state was known as the State of Mysore, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The state is associated with a horde of historical activities since the ancient prehistoric civilization. The earliest of recorded history dates back more than two millenniums. The Satavahana dynasty ruled for around 300 years from 230 BCE till 3rd Century CE. This period led to the kingdom being given an independent stature and Kannada language given an administrative status.

After Independence, the Mysore State was created in 1953, wherein all the Kanada dominant areas under different dispensations were unified and the enlarged Mysore state carved in 1956 and was renamed Karnataka in 1973. The word “Karnataka” is derived from the Kannada words “Karu” and “Nadu” which means “Elevated Land”.

Karnataka is the place where the two main river systems of India flow out to the Bay of Bengal. These are river Krishna and Kaveri.

Government of Karnataka

  • Governor – Vajubhai Vala
  • Chief Minister – Siddaramaiah
  • High Court – Karnataka High Court
  • Chief Justice – Justice Subhro Kamal Mukherjee
  • Capital – Bengaluru
  • Number of Districts – 30

 State Symbols

  • Emblem – Gandaberunda
  • Language – Kannada
  • Song – Jaya Bharata Jananiya Tanujate
  • Dance – Yakshagana
  • Animal – Asian elephant
  • Bird – Indian Roller
  • Flower – Lotus
  • Tree – Sandalwood


  • Legislature – Bicameral (224 + 75 seats)
  • Lok Sabha – 28
  • Rajya Sabha – 12

 Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Adichunchunagiri WLS
  • Arabithittu WLS
  • Attiveri WLS
  • Bhadra WLS
  • Bhimgad WLS
  • Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple WLS
  • Brahmagiri WLS
  • Cauvery WLS
  • Chincholi WLS
  • Dandeli WLS
  • Daroji Bear WLS
  • Ghataprabha Bird WLS
  • Gudavi WLS
  • Gudekote Sloth Bear WLS
  • Malai Mahadeshwara WLS
  • Melkote Temple WLS
  • Mookambika WLS
  • Nugu WLS
  • Pushpagiri WLS
  • Ranebennur Black Buck WLS
  • Ranganathittu Bird WLS
  • Ramadevara Betta Vulture WLS
  • Rangayyanadurga Four-horned antelope
  • Sharavathi Valley WLS
  • Shettihalli WLS
  • Someshwara WLS
  • Talakaveri WLS

 National Parks

  • Anshi National Park
  • Bandipur National Park
  • Bannerghatta National Park
  • Kudremukh National Park
  • Nagarhole National Park

 Thermal Power Plants

  • Raichur Thermal Power station
  • Bellary Thermal Power station

 UNESCO Heritage Sites

  • Group of Monuments at Hampi
  • Group of Monuments at Pattadakal
  • Western Ghats (Shared Site)

 Famous Temples

  • Udupi Sri Krishna Matha
  • The Marikamba Temple at Sirsi
  • The Sri Manjunatha Temple at Dharmasthala
  • Kukke Subramanya Temple and Sharadamba Temple at Shringeri
  • Shravanabelagola, Mudabidri and Karkala are famous for Jain history and monuments.
  • Kudalasangama and Basavana Bagewadi are holy sites of Lingayats.

 Other Heritage Sites

  • The Amruteshwara Temple in Chikmagalur district
  • Vatapi (famous for cave temples) in Bagalkot district
  • Belur Temple in Hassan district
  • Halebidu Temple (Hoysala Temples) in Hassan district
  • Mysore Palace
  • Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple in Nandi village
  • The Kempegowda Fort located in Magadi
  • The Golden Temple or Namdroling Monastery (Beautiful Buddhist Monastery) situated at Bylakuppe
  • Mirjan Fort in Uttara Kannada district
  • Sri Veera Narayana Temple in Belavadi village of Chikmaglur district.

 Hill Stations

  • Nandi Hills
  • Kermana Gundi(Chikmagalur)
  • Gangamoola
  • Madikeri
  • Kudremukh
  • Biligiri Hills


Ganesh Chaturthi, Basava Jayanthi, Deepavali, Ramzan, Ugadi, etc. are some of the important festivals celebrated in Karnataka.

 Famous Dances

  • Veeragase
  • Kamsale
  • Kolata
  • Dollu Kunitha
  • Yakshagana – Classical Dance Drama


Karnataka has one major and ten minor ports in this coastal belt.

  • Major Port – New Mangalore Port

 Some Famous Personalities 

  • Shakuntala Devi – Famously known as Human-Computer
  • Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
  • RK Laxman – Cartoonist
  • Basavaraj Rajaguru – The King of Hindustani Music
  • H D Devegouda – Former Prime Minister of India
  • Bhimsen Joshi – Khayal Singer
  • KV Puttappa – Greatest poet of Kannada literature
  • Purandara Dasa (1484-1564) – Known as the “Father of Carnatic Music”, he was born near Tirthahalli in Shivamogga (Shimoga) district.

 Tidbits about Karnataka

  • Kittur Rani Chennamma (1778-1829), Queen of the princely state of Kittur, was the first woman to lead an armed rebellion against British governance and kappa tax in 1824.
  • Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha (KKGSS) in Bengeri in Hubli, is the only unit in India that is authorized to manufacture and supply the Flag of India.
  • Karnataka hosts the maximum number of Jnanapith awardees. The state has won eight.

 2011 Census

  • The population of Karnataka is 6.25 crores (50.9% are male and 49.1% are female).
  • Sex ratio is 973 females to 1000 males.
  • The literacy rate is 75.4%.
  • Child Sex Ratio is 948.

Karnataka General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  1. When did Karnataka acquire its present name?

(A) 1 January 1951 (B) 15 June 1971 (C) 21 August 1991(D) 1 November 1973

(Ans : D)


  1. Which is the capital of Karnataka?

(A) Hubli (B) Dharwad (C) Bangalore (D) Karwar

(Ans: C)


  1. What is the area of Karnataka?

(A) 41,284 sq. mi. (B) 74,051 sq. mi. (C) 52,622 sq. mi. (D) 12,482 sq. mi.

(Ans: B)


  1. Which is the official language of Karnataka?

(A) Tulu (B) Konkani (C) Kodava (D) Kannada

(Ans : D)


5.Total Number of Districts in Karnataka?

(A) 29 (B) 32 (C) 30 (D) 26 (Ans : C)

  1. Which Festival celebrations are famous in Mysore?

(A) Diwali (B) Dasara (C) Holi (D) Shivratri

(Ans: B)


  1. Which of the following states is to the north of Karnataka?

(A) Maharashtra (B) Kerala (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Odisha

(Ans: A)


  1. Which sea is to the west of Karnataka?

(A) Ionian (B) Adriatic (C) Arabian (D) Beaufort

(Ans: C)


  1. When did the British annex Kanara?

(A) 1757 (B) 1799 (C) 1780 (D) 1805

(Ans: B)


  1. Which kingdom in Karnataka did the British annexe in 1834?

(A) Coorg (B) Vijayanagara (C) Bidar (D) Gulbarga

(Ans: A)


  1. How was Karnataka formerly known?

(A) Bimaru (B) Mysore (C) Laccadive (D) Amindivi

(Ans: B)


  1. Which of the following dam is located in Karnataka state?

(A) Dudhawa (B) Kaushalya dam (C) Nagarjuna Sagar (D) Almatti dam

(Ans : D)


  1. Who is known as “Father of Karnataka music”?

(A) Kanaka Dasa (B) Purandara Dasa (C) Raghavanka (D) Sarvagna

(Ans : B)


  1. The “Bramhagiri” edict in Chitradurga belongs to which Emperor?

(A) Kadamba (B) Ashoka (C) Amoghavarsha (D) Pulikeshi

(Ans : B)


  1. Recently names of Cities in Karnataka changed New name of Belgaum city is ?

(A) Belagavi (B) Belagav (C) Belurgam (D) Bellaam

(Ans : A)


  1. Total number of Loksabha seats in Karnataka state ?

(A) 25 (B) 28 (C) 29 (D) 30

(Ans : B)


  1. “Rakkasa Thangadi” or Thalikote war which ruined the glory of Vijayanagara dynasty was held in which year?

(A) 1545 (B) 1565 (C) 1550 (D) 1560

(Ans : B)


  1. Who among the following had built beautiful temples at Pattadakallu and Aihole?

(A) Chalukya (B) Hoysala (C) Shatavahana (D) Rastrakuta

(Ans : A)


  1. Doddaballapura is famous for Which of the following industries ?

(A) Steel (B) Plastic (C) Fuir Juice (D) Silk

(Ans : D)


  1. The temples at “Halebidu and Belur” belong to which of the following dynasty?

(A) Kadamba dynasty (B) Hoysala dynasty (C) Rastrakuta dynasty (D) Badami Chalukya dynasty (Ans : B)


  1. Total Number of Assembly Seats in Karnataka ?

(A) 198 (B) 209 (C) 224 (D) 213

(Ans : C)


  1. Which ruler is credited for the spread of Jainism in Karnataka?

(A) Chandragupta Maurya (B) Bimbisara (C) Ashoka (D) Samparati

(Ans : A)


  1. Which among the following waterfall is created by the Sharavathi River in Shimoga district of Karnataka ?

(A) Gokak Falls (B) Kalhatti Falls (C) Lalguli Falls (D) Jog Fall

(Ans : D)


  1. Which among the following place in Karnataka is the present location of capital of Vijayanagar Empire?

(A) Hampi (B) Kulyadi (C) Kottigehara (D) Thokur

(Ans : A)


  1. Which Karnataka City is piligrimage detination in jainism ?

(A) Belur (B) Shravanabelagola (C) Shorapur (D) Tumkur

(Ans : B)


  1. Which of the Famous Temple is located at Belur ?

(A) Chenna Keshava Temple (B) Hanuman Temple (C) Ganesh temple (D) Vishnu Temple

(Ans : A)


  1. Karnataka Lokayukta Act was enacted in which among the following years?

(A) 1987 (B) 1984 (C) 1986 (D) 1990

(Ans : B)


  1. In which of the following place Ashok’s minor rock edict has been discovered in Karnataka?

(A) Halmidi, Hasan (B) Maski, Raichur (C) Mulabagil, Kolar (D) Hoskote, Bengaluru

(Ans : B)


29.Karnataka State formed in which year ?

(A) 1959 (B) 1956 (C) 1957 (D) 1960

(Ans : B)


  1. Adi shankaracharya established his first of four ‘mathas’ at ?

(A) Tumkur (B) Belgaum (C) Mysore (D) Sringeri

(Ans : D)

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