What is Influencer Marketing?

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Influencers are those people who are active on social media and blogs. The brands they promote, pages they like, follow, tag the people in their posts, everything they talk over social media is shaping up as they desire.


“True Influencer drives action, but not just awareness.”


Influencer marketing offers brands the potential to unify their marketing, PR, sales, product, digital marketing, and social media through powerful and relevant relationship-based communication. Both the ROI and marketing potential of influencer marketing is immense.




Influencer Marketing




Why we need an Influencer to promote our brand? Why right Influencer is so important?

An inbound approach to influencer marketing drives awareness, grow an audience and bolster owned media over time. Effects of influencer marketing include:

  • An influencer can drive traffic to your site and increase your brand awareness on social media.
  • Most effective way to increase customers and clients.
  • An influencer is a mutual friend connecting your brand with your target consumers.
  • Influencers trust and influence to guide an audience toward loving, listening or leaving brands.
  • Influencers are also committing to being long-term advocates for their audience and customers.
  • Influencers generate content about your brand, they recommend your brand to their loyal following, and they insert themselves into conversations surrounding the niche of your brand. 



Identify Best Influencer for your brand:


  • Context: An influencer differs for every brand because, first and foremost, they are a contextual fit. This is the most important characteristic when targeting the right influencers for your brand for influencer marketing. 


  • Reach: After we search for someone who’s being contextually fit to our brand then we do want them to reach to the audience and share their awesome content that they actually will be heard.


  • Action: Influencer’s ability to cause action by their audience. This characteristic comes naturally when you target individuals that are in contextual alignment with your brand and have a far enough reach. Their audience chooses to follow their blog or Twitter handle. Thus, their audience is engaged and is there to hear about the topic being discussed.




Effects of Influence marketing



Effective Strategies for Influencer Marketing

  • Define Audience: Know your right audience and understand how they evaluate, discover and buy your product, as this is the most important step to get a kick to your business.


  • Discover the right Influencers: You need to find a right influencer who produce and share content that can impact your business or your buyer’s decision-making process.


  • Monitor Influencers for Opportunities: Monitor what’s happening in real time and discover what your target influencers are writing about, talking about, and more importantly – what’s their audience up to?


  • Take Action and Engage: Start building a relationship using some simple actions. Following, sharing, and linking to your influencers will be the first step in a fruitful relationship.


  • Measure Results: After you build relationships and send signals to your audience and influencers, now you would want to keep track of your effectiveness.


Learn, Iterate, and Improve!!!


Some Tools used for Influencer Marketing


  1. Follower Wonk: It may help you to find influencers on Twitter and make a relevant list of influencers that you would like to get in touch. All you need to do is improve your influencer marketing strategy.


  1. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is a tool which brings together the two most important tasks i. e. sharing analytics and finding the influencer. It is very easy to use. You can begin your search using a keyword. BuzzSumo will show you the most popular write-ups related to that keyword along with who wrote it.


  1. Trendspottr for Instagram: This tool shows the most popular pictures, videos, tags, and topics at a particular point on Instagram. You get a list of the most popular trending tags on the site. When you use the popular hashtags in your Instagram posts you will immediately see the results in terms of likes, comments and follows.



influencer marketing tools




  1. Facebook’s Pixel: Facebook’s Pixel is a free feature of Facebook to measure the conversions from a Facebook ad. This tool enables us to build an audience and retarget it time and again. Gets a better end result.


  1. Kred: It would have been to measure the influence of an influencer if Kred didn’t exist. But thanks to the software engineers who developed Kred. This tool enables us to measure the influence of any social personality, on any Medias using various metrics.


  1. Twtrland: Twtrland has some incredibly amazing demographic features that help you pick the influencers based on relevance. This tool helps you to analyze the type of people who follow a particular influencer. Thus, you can accordingly decide if the following of the influencer is the kind of audience, you want to target.


  1. PeerIndex: PeerIndex believes that the influence of an individual’s presence on the social media. PeerIndex believes that the influence of an influencer should be measured with the help of a context. A context that is relevant in determining the number of sales (conversions), the power of building a conversation with the posts. This is the phenomena on which PeerIndex is based.



Digital influencer marketing is especially useful to the marketers due to the increase in the online shopping.  The idea of influencers isn’t so elusive and you know where to start looking for them, don’t let your outreach campaign slip by forgetting to use tact. With any interaction, imagine yourself at a cocktail party saying what you are emailing or tweeting.




So, where will you look for influencers for influencer marketing of your brand?

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