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To judge the aspirant’s actual preparation level, one should download IBPS Clerk previous year question papers and try to solve these papers without cheating because it will help you to know the real difficulty level. IBPS changes the difficulty level of examination year by year, that’s why applicants must solve previous year papers to know the difficulty level of IBPS Clerk.


IBPS Clerk old papers will increase your practice level. Before participating in the examination, applicants must have full knowledge of IBPS Clerk Syllabus and exam pattern. Hence, it is an elementary thing that should be done by the applicants. Apart from all practice and difficulty level, IBPS Clerk Previous year papers will help you to increase your time management ability because each IBPS exam has a time limit to solve papers. Thus, time management ability plays an essential role in the competitive examination.


We advised candidates to download IBPS Clerk Previous year question papers PDF to practice more and more. Below, we have given the IBPS Clerk 2015 and 2016 exam papers in PDF format, candidates can download from the given link below. 


To get success in the banking examination, candidates are suggested to learn the old papers and that is the smarter way. Here we have provided IBPS Clerk last year papers, which are uploaded by the higher authorities of Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) so read it carefully before participating in the examination.


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IBPS Clerk Online CWE-II Previous Year Exam Paper,

Computer Knowledge, Held on 15-12-2012



1. __ key is the example of the Toggle key

(1) Alt
(2) Shift
(3) Control
(4) Escape
(5) Caps Lock



2. _____ is a feature for scheduling and multiprogramming to provide an economical interactive system of two or more users

(1) Time-sharing
(2) Multitasking
(3) Time tracking
(4) Multiprocessing
(5) None of these



3. ROLLBACK in a database is _____ statement

(1) TCL
(2) DCL
(3) DML
(4) DDL
(5) SDL



4. Video controller

(1) Controls the resolution of images on the screen
(2) Controls the signals to be sent and received from the processor for display
(3) Handles the entire electronic work behind the formation of images on the screen
(4) Is responsible for allocating pixels for the formation of images
(5) Is responsible for the refresh rate of the screen/monitor



5. The disks stores information in

(1) Tables
(2) Rows and columns
(3) Blocks
(4) Tracks and sectors
(5) All of these



6. Which file(s) can be executed without mentioning its extension name

(1) .exe
(2) .bat
(3) .com
(4) .app
(5) All of these



7. A programming language having a __ is slow in execution

(1) Interpreter
(2) Compiler
(3) Assembler
(4) Linker
(5) none of these



8. The word processor used by DOS to write the programs or instructions

(1) Words tar
(2) Word Pad
(3) Notepad
(4) MS-Word
(5) EDIT



9. __ provides total solutions to reduce data redundancy, inconsistency, dependence and unauthorized access of data

(l) DBMS
(2) Tables
(3) Database
(4) Protection passwords
(5) Centralization of data



10. Codec refers to

(1) Coder-decoder
(2) Co-declaration
(3) Command declaration
(4) Command decoding
(5) None of these



11. Origin of the internet can be tracked from

(1) ARPAnet
(2) Radio networks
(3) Satellite networks
(4) Indian army networks
(5) Air Force networks



12. To connect networks of similar protocols, __ are used

(1) Routers
(2) Bridges
(3) Gateways
(4) Dial-up routers
(5) None of these



13. Decimal equivalent of (1111) 2

(1) 11
(2) 10
(3) 1
(4) 15
(5) 13



14. __ is one reason for problems of data integrity

(1) Data availability constraints
(2) Data inconsistency
(3) Security constraints
(4) Unauthorized access of data
(5) Data redundancy



15. Dr. E.F. Codd represented ____ rules that a database must obey if it has to be considered truly relational

(1) 10
(2) 8
(3) 12
(4) 6
(5) 5



16. “>” symbol in DOS commands is ‘use to

(1) Compare two values
(2) Redirect input
(3) Redirect output
(4) Filter data
(5) None of these



17. System proposal is prepared in ____ phase of SDLC

(1) Conception
(2) Initiation
(3) Analysis
(4) Design
(5) construction



18. A data warehouse

(1) Contains numerous naming conventions and formats
(2) Is organized around important subject areas
(3) Contains only current data
(4) Can be updated by end users
(5) Explains some observed event or condition



19. which of these is considered intelligent CASE tool

(1) Toolkit
(2) Methodology companion
(3) Workbench
(4) Upper CASE
(5) Lower CASE



20. Super computer developed by Indian scientists

(1) Param
(2) Super301
(3) Compaq Presario
(4) Cray YMP
(5) Blue Gene



21. The errors that can be find out by a compiler are

(1) Logical errors
(2) Internal errors
(3) Semantic errors
(4) Syntax errors
(5) Execution errors



22. _____ Is used to add or put into your documents such as a picture or text

(1) TV
(2) Squeeze in
(3) Push in
(4) Insert
(5) None of these



23. Office Assistant is

(1) An application that allows you to take notes and save them in file
(2) A button on the standard toolbar that executes the Save command
(3) A collection of Autocorrect options in Word
(4) An animated character that offers help and suggestions
(5) None of these



24. Pressing CTRL+9 in Excel

(1) Prints 9
(2) Prints
(3) Prints 9 followed by spaces
(4) Inserts 9 cells at the current location
(5) Hides the current row



25. To change the name of an Excel worksheet

(1) Click on the worksheet tab by holding CTRL key and type a new name
(2) Choose Save AS option from the file menu
(3) Add a (?) at the end of file-name while saving the workbook
(4) Press CTRL+SHIFT keys and the new name
(5) Double click at the worksheet tab and type a new name



26. A computer used at supermarkets, departmental stores and restaurant etc is called terminal

(1) P-O-S
(2) Dumb
(3) Intelligent
(4) Smart
(5) calculating



27. __ acts as a temporary high-speed holding area between the memory and the CPU thereby improving processing capabilities

(1) ROM
(2) RAM
(3) Temporary memory
(4) Cache memory
(5) Flash memory



28. A document that explains how to use a software program is called __ manual

(1) User
(2) System
(3) Software
(4) Program
(5) Technical



29. The process that deals with the technical and management issues of software development is

(1) Delivery process
(2) Control process
(3) Software process
(4) Testing process
(5) Monitoring process



30. A collection of conceptual tools for describing data, relationships, semantics and constraints is referred to as

(1) ER model
(2) Database
(3) Data Model
(4) DBMS
(5) None of these



31. You can protect sensitive data from prying eyes using __

(1) Encryption
(2) Passwords
(3) File locks
(4) File permissions
(5) None of these



32. Android is

(1) Operating system
(2) Application
(3) Interface
(4) Software
(5) A collection of all these



33. __ search engine sends a request for Information to several search engines simultaneously and compiles the results

(1) Meta
(2) Individual
(3) Directory
(4) Subject directory
(5) None of these



34. _____ search method is conducted for a specific title, domain, URL, or host

(1) Keyword
(2) Field
(3) Boolean
(4) Miscellaneous
(5) Logical



35. To access a website or web content from a web server, the client sends a(n) __

(1) Information
(2) Message
(3) Request
(4) Response
(5) Interrupt



36. An http request contains __ parts

(1) 2
(2) 5
(3) 3
(4) 4
(5) 1



37. Through ____ , an administrator or another user can access Someone else’s computer remotely

(1) Administrator
(2) Web server
(3) Web application
(4) HTTP
(5) Telnet



38. Telnet is a __ based computer protocol

(1) Sound
(2) Text
(3) Image
(4) Animation
(5) Digits



39. To allow someone else schedules your meetings and appointments, __ feature of Outlook is used

(1) Monthly calendar
(2) Event manager
(3) Appointments
(4) Delegate Access
(5) None of these



40. P2P is an application architecture

(1) Client/ server
(2) Distributed
(3) Centralized
(4) I-tier
(5) None of these

Solving IBPS Clerk previous year papers is beneficial in so many ways. You get to familiarise yourself with the exam pattern, type and difficulty level of the questions and marking scheme. Furthermore, solving IBPS Clerk previous year papers online will help you get a feel of how the exam taking will be, since IBPS Clerk is an online exam; so, you become well prepared. Therefore, you should not take IBPS Clerk previous year papers lightly!

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