Era of Marketing via Chatbots

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What is Chatbots?

It is a computer program designed to communicate and chat with humans to satisfy their needs and specifications. These are exciting and on the other side is frightening that machines are going to overtake the efforts of humans who created the machines.



The next generation computers are arriving in the form of chatbots flashing at are:

  1. providing instant solution to all daily work.
  2. smoothen your routine to achieve goals.
  3. serves you in being ahead of the curve, making things simple and confining.
  4. helps you in achieving right things at right time.



Chatbots and The future of Marketing!

The market for Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is booming.

Mobile apps and Website are just a collection of information that can be packaged into a single messaging app where as it can provide all these services.

Messaging apps are growing faster than any other app for ex: Facebook Messenger app is best example where it is used by over 1billion people every month and it’s increasing faster than Facebook itself. 

Merging the services such as buying a movie tickets, groceries or booking a hotel or flight in a single messaging app is much convenient rather than downloading multiple apps takes your more precious time.



Reasons why chatbots are the future of marketing:

  • Chatbots are software programs which use messaging apps as an interface to carry out different tasks, including marketing as well.
  • These are increasingly gaining attention as its more user-friendly and is generally based on conversations rather than the usual app interface.
  • If messaging apps are becoming the fastest way to communicate then businesses are going to need chatbots to engage more with their customers.
  • It can also track customer’s response. These are more reliable and can respond to several customers at the same time.
  • It can interact with the customer and gather his feedback via simple questions. Gathering feedback from customers can help a business improve a lot, from their website to products and services.
  • These are a great cost saver because it cuts down the salary paid by the company to the customer service department.



Are Chatbots essential?

When you see pop up on sites asking you if you have questions or need additional help. Sometimes, there is a real person on the other end of that chat box, but most often, these are bots that are programmed with responses based on frequent questions or algorithms.



Chatbots can actually have a big impact on your success and provide 24×7 support with lesser manpower…!!

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