Punjab National Bank (PNB) Education Loan- Eligibility | Interest rates & more.

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Get the complete details about Punjab National Bank Education Loan such as Loan Documentation, repayment, security deposit, interest rates and more.

About Punjab National Bank (PNB) Education Loan

Established in 1894, Punjab National Bank (also known as PNB) is one of India’s oldest and third largest public sector bank which caters to over 80 million customers. In an effort to help brighten the future of our nation, PNB offers multiple education loans and schemes to students and individuals, who wish to pursue higher education in India and abroad. Under education loans, PNB offers four distinct kinds of loans which are PNB Udaan, PNB Kaamgar, PNB Pratibha and PNB Saraswati.



  • Should be an Indian national.
  • Should have secured admission to a higher education course in recognized institutions in India through Entrance Test/ Merit Based Selection process after completion of HSC(10 plus 2 or equivalent).
  • Cases of Management Quota may be considered on merit basis;


Quantum of Finance

  • Need-based Finance subject to repaying capacity of the parents/students ( after completion of course) ;
  • Reimbursement of fees paid within six months may be permitted on individual merits of the case.



  • Up to Rs. 4 lac – NIL
  • Above Rs. 4 lac – 5%
  • Scholarship/ assistantship may be considered in the margin.
  • The margin may be brought in on a year-to-year basis as and when disbursements are made on a pro-rata basis.


Rate of Interest

  • Loan upto Rs 4 lac – Base Rate+2%
  • Loans above Rs 4 lac upto Rs 7.50 lac – Base Rate+3%
  • Loans above Rs 7.50 lac – Base Rate+2.50%
  • Base Rate+1% to be charged for all loans, irrespective of amount, where 100% tangible collateral security in the shape of IP, enforceable under SARFEASI act, and/or liquid security is available.
  • Simple interest be charged during the Repayment holiday/ Moratorium Period


Processing Charges/ Upfront fee



Documentation Charges

Rs.270/- for loans upto Rs. 4 lac and Rs.450/- for loans above Rs.4.00 lac (exclusive of service tax and education cess) Subject to change from time to time.



  • Up to Rs. 4 lac: Parent(s)/guardian as a joint borrower(s).
  • Above Rs. 4 lac and upto Rs. 7.50 lac: Besides the parent(s)/ guardian executing the documents as joint borrower(s), collateral security in the form of suitable third party guarantee.
  • Above Rs.7.50 lac: Parent(s)/ guardian as a joint borrower(s). Tangible collateral security of suitable value acceptable to bank alongwith the assignment of future income of the student for payment of installments.


Repayment (Maximum)

Maximum upto 15 years


Repayment Holiday/ Moratorium

Course period + 1 year


Prepayment Charges


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