Karur Vysya Bank Students Education Loan Scheme – FAQs

Scholarship Examination in India

Karur Vysya Bank Education Loan Scheme, Education Loan By Karur Vysya Bank

Karur Vysya Bank Students Education Loan Scheme
Karur Vysya Bank Students Education Loan Scheme

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  • It is a term loan given for studies in India and abroad.
  • Students who are Indian nationals and have secured admission to professional/ technical courses in India through a common Entrance Test, or who have secured admission to a foreign University or Institution.
  • The Father or guardian of the student will be the guarantor in case of individual applicants.



Up to Rs.4.00 Lakhs – Nil 

Above Rs.4.00 Lakhs: 

Studies in India – 5% 

Studies in abroad – 15%

Repayment Tenor

In 5-7 years after repayment holiday (course period and 1 year or 6 months after getting job whichever is earlier)


ROI (floating) p.a.

Educational loan

For Boys

For Girls

Upto Rs.7.50 lakhs




(BR + 2.75%)

(BR + 2.25%)

Primary security


(In case of loan is used for purchase of equipments/instruments, the same is to be hypothecated to us)

Collateral security

For loans up to Rs.4.00 Lakhs: 

Parents to join as Co Applicants & No security.

For loans above Rs.4.00 Lakhs and up to Rs.7.50 Lakhs: 

Parents to join as Co applicants together with collateral security in the form of suitable third party guarantee. The bank may, at its discretion, in exceptional case, waive third party guarantee if satisfied with the Net Worth / Means of parent/s who would be executing the documents as “Joint Borrower”

Above Rs.7.50 Lakhs: Parents to join as Co applicants together with tangible collateral security of suitable value, along with the assignment of future income of the student for payment of installments. 

Students admitted under Management Quota are also eligible for Educational Loan. However other norms / guidelines with regard to eligibility criteriaare to be complied as per State/Central government norms


Father/Guardian in case of Individual applicant

Processing charges



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