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Best books for XAT Preparation listed below:


Preparing for engineering exam in India is tough. It gets tricky when one has to choose the best reference books for preparation. In this article Examin experts lists down Best books for XAT Preparation.

A first step towards successful XAT preparation is choosing the right book for XAT. However, aspirants should avoid referring too many books at a time, as it leads to confusion.



Which book is recommended for XAT?


So you are targeting XAT 2018? Confused with which book to refer? Don’t worry! Given below is a list of Best books for XAT Preparation. It can help in supplementing your XAT Preparation. Read on.




Quantitative aptitude:


1. How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT:


Quantitative Aptitude is a key component to unlocking a winning CAT score and no author does the subject justice more than Arun Sharma, whose vast experience in his field is reflected in every chapter of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. A stellar product in its category, this book is now in its seventh edition. Not only does it follow the latest trends and question patterns for CAT, it is also found immensely useful by students for other management entrance tests like XAT, SNAP, IIFT and so on. The book comprehensively covers all topics, including Numbers, Average and Mixtures, Arithmetic and Word-based Problems, Geometry, Algebra, Counting, etc. in a very accessible and easy manner. Besides teaching the subject, the author instructs aspirants successfully to strategies, manage time and analyse their knowledge pattern accurately to make the most of a time-bound elimination exam. The book provides mock test papers for continuous test rehearsal and has problems of varying difficulty levels for rigorous practice. It’s a must read for any and all CAT aspirants today.



2. Quantum CAT – Quantitative Aptitude(can be used for XAT):


Quantum CAT by Arihant is the best resource for Quantitative Aptitude. This is an all-inclusive book for students aspiring to land a seat in the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). This tailor-made book has been designed to meet the requirement of CAT, so that even a non-mathematics background student can qualify the test paper as easily as someone with mathematical prowess. This study resource will help candidates in standing on their tip-toes to face the exam by encouraging problem solving using intuitive skills and mental arithmetic in the pragmatic approach. Hence this will act as ‘The’ book for students preparing for CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP, IIFT and other management entrances can refer to. The present study resource is a well-designed module for developing the concepts of Quantitative Aptitude. The book has been divided into 21 chapters namely Fundamentals, Averages, Allegations, Ratio, Proportion and Variation, Percentages, Profit, Loss and Discount, CI/SI/Instalments, Time and Work, Time, Speed and Distance, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Geometry, Elements of Algebra, Theory of Equations, Set Theory, Logarithm, Functions and Graph, Sequence, Series and Progressions, Permutations and Combinations, Probability and Co-ordinate Geometry. Each chapter in the book begins with a brief summary of the topics covered in each chapter. Each chapter ends with three levelled practice exercises including the final round which will help in final revision and self-analysis of the level of understanding of a particular chapter. The Hints and Solutions have been provided for the questions covered in the practice exercises. The book also contains last seven years’ (2011-2016) solved papers of SNAP, XAT and IIFT to help aspirants to get an insight into the recent years’ examinations and the types of questions asked therein. As the book contains ample study as well as practice material, it for sure will help aspirants score high in the upcoming CAT, SNAP, IIFT, XAT and other management entrances.




Data Interpretation & Sufficiency:


1. Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency:


Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Data Interpretation is the major factor of Quantitative Aptitudein any question paper which basically shows how data can berepresented, analyzed and decoded. The Data Interpretation sectioncan be divided into 2 key areas- i.e. Data Interpretation and DataSufficiency. DI tests your decision-making ability and speed usinglimited input. It consists of a myriad of graphs, charts and tablesfrom which you have to glean and analyze data. DS problems usuallytake the form of a logical puzzle, and in the form of questionfollowed by two statements. This book is the source to get the concepts related to varioustopics which will help in going through the examination. It alsoincludes the basic concepts behind the questions, asked indifferent examinations and makes your better practice to solve theproblems. This book has been prepared after a comprehensive research onthe teachers who are involved in teaching of DI/DS, problemsgenerally faced by students and on the basis of question paperpattern of different examinations. The value points incorporated in this book on the basis on aboveresearch make this book stand apart from other books.


Some Special Features-

  1. Chapter-wise explanatory test (theory), will make thestudents completely understand different concepts.
  2. Clear indication of the types of questions along with properguidelines, to solve them.
  3. The Exercises of each chapter has been graded as perdifficulty level.
  4. Fully Solved Exercises.
  5. Questions of different Competitive Examinations have beencovered.



  1. Introduction
  2. Data Table
  3. Bar Chart
  4. Cartesian (line) Graph or x-y Charts
  5. Pie Charts or Circle Graph
  6. Mixed Graph
  7. Data Sufficiency
  8. Case Studies




2. How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for XAT:


Data Interpretation is one of the key topics of CAT examination and various other types of MBA exams. The book covers all the topics extensively along with explanations and examples. The book is divided in to 12 sections: Basic Modes of Data Representation, Developing Your Calculations, DI Exercises(Without Options), Training Ground- Mathematical Constructs in Data Interpretation, Ten Minute Test Papers, Model Test Papers – Based on the Latest CAT Pattern, DI Questions from Other MBA Exams, Challenges in Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency, Previous Years Question Papers (DI Portion) – 2003–2008, Sample Papers Based on 2009/2010 Pattern and Model Test Paper (Based on the Latest Online Pattern).

Since the book comes with question papers of last 5 years, sample papers and model test papers, students get ample of exercises to practice on. Solutions are supported with diagrams and graphs where ever required. The book not only helps students in understanding the changing question patterns but also helps in solving questions with less effort and more accuracy. Easy to understand and clear language of the book makes it ideal for every student.


About the author:

McGraw-Hill Education is one of the popular publishers that partners with students, administrators, educators and other professionals from all round the world. The company focuses on delivering updated, engaging and tailored solutions to help students improve performance in competitive examinations. Packed with highly research-based content, McGraw-Hill Education offers a large selection of books and study material, which are published in over 65 languages. This publishing company has above 6 000 employees, help spreading knowledge in 44 countries.



General Awareness:


General Knowledge 2015:


The candidates aspiring to get through various competitive and recruitment examinations like SSC, Bank Clerk and PO, Railway Recruitment, etc need to have an in-depth knowledge about the varied sections covered under the subject of General Knowledge.
General Knowledge 2015 provides a comprehensive study of all the sections that are covered under the subject of General Knowledge. The book has been divided into 6 sections – History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian Economy, General Science and General Knowledge each containing theory. Figures, Graphics and Tables have been given along with the theory wherever required. Important Notes and Tables are provided under the highlighted box for the revision of important points. The ‘Current Affairs’ section in the beginning of the book contains coverage of latest news and events that happened in the recent years. History section covers Ancient India, Medieval India, Modern India and Art and Culture, whereas the Geography section covers world geography, Indian geography and Environment and Ecology. The General Science section covers basics of Computer apart from Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This book will prove to be highly successful for SSC, Railway, Bank (PO and Clerk), Army, Airforce, Navy and various other competitive and recruitment examinations.




English and Comprehension:


1. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension(for XAT):


How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT is designed to make you perform extremely well in the English segment of the Common Admission Test (CAT). Expert CAT tutors, Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay have created this book to simplify the process of understanding the updated Comprehension and Verbal Ability parts of the test. The book has five sections, with subsections that go into the details of each topic. Building Skills for Reading Comprehension is the first section and has the two subsections, LOD Exercises and Reading Comprehension. Next comes Verbal Ability with five subsections – Sentence Correction, Fill in the Blanks, Vocabulary, Vocabulary-Based Questions and Paragraph Jumbles. The Verbal Reasoning section covers Logical Deductions, Binary Logic and questions from previous years of the CAT. The last two sections are dedicated to several mock tests and sample papers. The fourth edition of the book was published in 2011 and is available in paperback.


Key Features:

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT is the go-to book for cracking the Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability sections of the Common Admission Test.
  • Apart from being a must-have if you are writing the CAT, the book comes in handy for other competitive exams like the MAT XLRI, IIFT, IRMA, XAT and many more.




2. Mastering the Verbal Ability for CAT COMMON ADMISSION TEST(applicable for XAT too):



– The book is divided into three sections, viz. Understanding, Vocabulary, and Grammar.

– Solution tips are given in the beginning of every chapter.

– Contains sufficient number of practice exercises of various varieties, as per the latest pattern.

– Hints/Rejoinders, Answers with Explanations are given at the end of chapter.



Apart from studying theory, one should also have books that comprises of XAT question papers of last few years. This could be of great help during XAT 2018 revision.




If you have any other updates that we should be included in this Best books for XAT Preparation, then please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


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