24 November Current Affairs Questions | 24 Nov 2017 GK Current Affairs

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24 November Current Affairs Questions | 24 Nov 2017 GK Current Affairs

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24 November Current Affairs Questions | 24 Nov 2417 GK Current Affairs



1. The UK has formally asked which country to lead Commonwealth meeting in April?
A. China
B. Russia
C. India
D. Germany


2. Sushma Swaraj to attend Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in which country? 
A. Russia
B. England
C. Italy
D. America


3. Who is the Prime Minister of Russia?
A. Alexei Navalny
B. Vladimir Putin
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. Dmitry Medvedev

4. Who launched a mobile application called UMANG?
A. Amit Shah
B. Sushma Swara
C. Narendra Modi
D. Arun Jaitley


5. Narendra Modi had talks with which country prime minister about the bilateral issues?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Iran
D. France

GK Quiz Questions – Current Affairs Questions November 24 2017

6. Who is the President of France?
A. Marine Le Pen
B. Emmanuel Macron
C. Jean-Luc Melenchon
D. Francois Hollande


7. Myanmar had made an agreement with which country on the return of refugees?
A. Bangladesh
B. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. India


8. Omar al-Bashir is the president of which country who visited Russia for the protection of their country from the US?
A. Saudi Arabia
B. Somalia
C. Sudan
D. Libya


9. Which country agrees to buy $7 billion in precision munitions from U.S. firms?
A. Egypt
B. Saudi Arabia
C. Qatar
D. Yemen


Current Affairs Questions November 24 2017 – GKToday Questions

10. China had an agreement with which country to establish a strategic partnership?
A. Mauritania
B. Eritrea
C. Djibouti
D. Burundi


11. Havmor to sell ice cream business to which country for Rs 1,020 crores?
A. Cadbury
B. Lotte
C. Ferrero India
D. Amul


12. Which company builds the world largest lithium-ion battery in just 100 days?
A. Tesla
B. Siemens
C. Electrolux
D. Miele


13. Leica is which country based camera company that entered Indian market?
A. China
B. United States
C. Japan
D. Germany


14. In latest FIFA rankings India stands in which position?
A. 105
B. 110
C. 98
D. 92

15. Among the Asian Football Confederation countries Indian football team occupies which position?
A. 15
B. 10
C. 8
D. 21


16. Which country ranks first in the latest FIFA rankings?
A. Brazil
B. Argentina
C. Germany
D. Portugal


17. Who becomes the first Formula One driver to launch his own eSport virtual racing team?
A. Sebastian Vettel
B. Fernando Alonso
C. Lewis Hamilton
D. Felipe Massa


18. Mattala Airport is in which country?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Russia
C. Spain
D. Italy


19. India joined as the full-fledged member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in which year?
A. 2015
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2014


20. 2015 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting took place in?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Malta
C. Australia
D. Uganda



1. C2. A3. D4. C5. A6. B7. A8. C9. B10. C
11. B12. A13. D14. A15. A16. C17. B18. A19. C20. B


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