Intelligence Agencies in the World

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An Intelligence Agencies is a government agency, which is mainly responsible for gathering, analyzing, and passing the valuable information to the Government in support of national security, military, and foreign policy objectives.

TheIntelligence Agencies protect sensitive information secrets, ie their own secrets as well as the secrets of their own country. They give early warning of impending crises.

There is a difference between “security intelligence” and “foreign intelligence“. Security intelligence pertains to domestic threats (left-wing extremism, drug and human trafficking etc). Foreign intelligence involves information collection relating to the political, or economic activities of foreign states.

 List of Famous Intelligence Agencies in the World:

CountryIntelligence Agencies
India Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)
PakistanInter-Services Intelligence (ISI)
United States of AmericaCentral Intelligence Agencies (CIA)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

RussiaKomitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti (KGB) / Glavnoje Razvedyvatel’noje Upravlenije (GRU)

The Institute For Intelligence and Special Operation

SwitzerlandMilitärischer Nachrichtendienst
AustraliaAustralian Security and Intelligence Organization
ItalyCentro Intelligence Interforze (CII)
MalaysiaRoyal Intelligence Corps
ChinaCentral External Liaison Department
GermanyMilitary Counterintelligence Service
IranSazamane Etelaat VA Amniote Kechvar (SAVAK)
South AfricaBureau of State Security (BOSS)
CanadaCanadian Security Intelligence Service
IraqAl Mukbharat
FranceDirection General de Securite Exterieur (DGSE)
United KingdomMI6
Saudi ArabiaGeneral Intelligence Presidency
SingaporeSecurity and Intelligence Division


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