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Indian states have their own state symbols including animal, bird, flower, tree etc. For some states, there is no state flower, bird etc. The given below the list that contains State Symbols of India. Each State and Union territory has a unique set of the official symbol. This information is helpful for the candidates who are preparing for Competitive Exams.

List of State Symbols of India:

State Symbols of Andhra Pradesh

Animal – Blackbuck
Bird – Indian Roller
Flower -Water Lily
State Dance – Kuchipudi
Tree – Neem
Sport – Kabaddi


State Symbols of Arunachal Pradesh

Animal – Mithun(Gayal)
Bird – Great Hornbill
Flower – Foxtail Orchid
Tree – Hollong


State Symbols of Assam

Animal – One Horned Rhinoceros
Bird – White Winged Wood Duck
Flower – Foxtail Orchid(Kopou phul)
Tree – Hollong


State Symbols of Bihar

Animal -Gaur
Bird – House Sparrow
Flower – Marigold
Tree – Peepal


State Symbols of Chhattisgarh

Animal – Wild Buffalo
Bird -Hill Myna
Tree – Sal


State Symbols of Delhi

Animal – Nilgai
Bird – House Sparrow


State Symbols of Goa

Animal – Gaur
Bird – Black-crested bulbul
Tree -Matti


State Symbols of Gujarat

Animal – Asiatic Lion
Bird – Greater Flemingo
Flower – Marigold
Fruit – Mango
Tree – Banyan


State Symbols of Haryana

Animal – Blackbuck
Bird – Black Francolin
Flower – Lotus
Tree – Peepal


State Symbols of Himachal Pradesh

Animal – Snow leopard
Bird – Western Tragopan
Flower – Pink Rhododendron
Tree – Deodar


State Symbols of Jammu & Kashmir

Animal – Kashmir Stag(Hangul)
Bird – Black necked Crane
Flower- Lotus
Tree – Chinar


State Symbols of Jharkhand

Animal – Asian Elephant
Bird – Koel
Flower – Palash
Tree – Sal


State Symbols of Karnataka

Animal – Elephant
Bird – Indian Roller
Dance – Yakshagana
Flower – Lotus
Tree – Sandalwood


State Symbols of Kerala

Animal – Elephant
Bird – Great Hornbill
Dance – kathakali
Flower – Kanikonna
Fruit – Mango
Tree – Coconut


State Symbols of Madhya Pradesh

Animal – Swamp Deer
Bird – Asian paradise flycatcher
Flower – Parrot Tree
Tree – Banyan


State Symbols of Maharashtra

Animal- Giant Squirrel
Bird – Yellow-footed green pigeon
Butterfly – Blue Mormon
Flower – Jarul
Tree – Mango


State Symbols of Manipur

Animal – Sangai
Bird – Mrs. Hume’s pheasant
Flower – Shirui lily
Tree – Toon


State Symbols of Meghalaya

Animal – Clouded leopard
Bird – Hill Myna
Flower – Lady slipper orchid
Tree -White teak


State Symbols of Mizoram

Animal – Serow
Bird – Mrs. Hume’s Pheasant
Flower – Red vanda
Tree – Indian rose chestnut


State Symbols of Nagaland

Animal – Mithun
Bird – Blyth’s tragopan
Flower- Rhododendron
Tree – Alder


State Symbols of Odisha

Animal – Sambar deer
Bird – Blue jay
Dance – Odissi
Flower – Asoka
Tree – Ashwatha


State Symbols of Punjab

Animal – Blackbuck
Bird – Northern goshawk
Tree – Sheesham


State Symbols of Rajasthan

Animal – Camel
Bird – Great Indian bustard
Dance – Ghoomar
Flower – Rohira
Game – Basketball
Tree – Khejri


State Symbols of Sikkim

Animal – Red panda
Bird – Blood pheasant
Flower – Noble orchid
Tree – Rhododendron


State Symbols of Tamil Nadu

Animal – Nilgiri tahr
Bird – Emerald dove
Dance – Bharatanatyam
Flower – Gloriosa lily
Fruit – Jack fruit
Sport – kabaddi
Tree – Palm tree


State Symbols of Telangana

Animal – Deer
Bird – Indian roller
Flower – Tangedu
River – Godavari
Tree – Jammi Chettu
Woman – Chakali Ailamma


State Symbols of Tripura

Animal – Phayre’s langur
Bird – Green imperial pigeon
Flower – Nageshwar
Tree – Agar


State Symbols of Uttarakhand

Animal – Musk deer
Bird – Himalayan monal
Flower – Brahm kamal
Tree – Burans


State Symbols of Uttar pradesh

Animal – Swamp deer
Bird – Sarus crane
Dance – Kathak
Flower – Brahm kamal
Sport – Field Hockey
Tree – Ashok


State Symbols of West Bengal

Animal – Fishing cat
Bird – White-throated Kingfisher
Flower – Night-flowering jasmine
Tree – Devil tree


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Animal – Sea cow
Bird – Andaman wood pigeon
Flower – Phalaenopsis speciosa
Tree – Andaman padauk


State Symbols of Chandigarh

Animal – Indian grey mongoose
Bird – Indian grey hornbill
Flower – Dhak flower
Tree – Mango


State Symbols of Puducherry

Animal – Squirrel
Bird – Koel
Flower – Cannonball
Tree – Bilva tree


State Symbols of Lakshadweep

Animal – Butterfly Fish
Bird – Noddy tern
Tree – Breadfruit

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