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Scholarship Examination in India

Many competitive examinations include General Knowledge topics from geography. One common geography related question topic that you should be familiar with is that of biosphere reserves and national parks in India. Knowing about these biospheres and national parks in India for SSC CGL, Railways RRB, Civil Services and IBPS Clerk exams is very important.

The beautiful National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India add another beauty to the diversifying Indian culture. The List of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuary in India is a very important topic of Static GK. Every year mostly 2 or 3 questions from this topic are asked in various competitive exams.

India’s wildlife is rich and diverse. Almost 4 % of India’s land is under forests. The popular animals found in India are Apes, Asiatic Lions, Monkeys, Snakes, Crocodiles, Buffaloes, Elephants, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer, Barking Deer, Swamp Deer, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Sloth Bears, and Tigers. In order to maintain this diversity and safeguard species from going extinct, the government has established Biospheres and National Parks in India. 

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List of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India:

Barren Island Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPied Imperial PigeonAndaman & Nicobar Islands
Desert National ParkNational ParkIndian bustard
Galathea National ParkNational ParkThe giant robber crab, mega pode and Nicobar pigeon
Interview Island Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Mount Harriet National ParkNational ParkNew species frog named Rana Charles Darwini.
South button Island National ParkNational ParkDugong, dolphin, water monitor lizard, blue whale
Coringa Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuary120 bird speciesAndhra Pradesh
Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySome of the endangered species of animals living in the Gundla Brahmeswara Sanctuary are chausingha.
Kambalakonda Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBarking Deer
Kolleru Lake Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Krishna Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for its dense flora and fauna
Nelapattu Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryRarest species of the avian population
Papikonda National ParkNational ParkTigers and Indian bison
Rollapadu Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryKnown primarily as a habitat of the great Indian bustard
Sri Venkateswara National ParkNational ParkThe park is known for its many waterfalls including the Talakona, Gundalakona and Gunjana
D’ering Memorial Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard, civet catArunachal Pradesh
Dibang Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryRare mammals such as Mishmi takin, red goral, musk deer (at least two species), red panda
Eaglenest Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMany bird species a paradise for birdwatchers
Kamlang Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryElephant, leopard cat, wild boar, civet, deer, giant squirrel and flying squirrel
Kane Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuary70 species of birds including white-winged Wood Duck and Rufous-necked Hornbill
Namdapha National ParkNational ParkLargest protected area in the Eastern Himalaya biodiversity hotspot
Pakhui Tiger ReserveWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Tigers
Kaziranga National ParkNational ParkHighest known tiger density in the World Indian rhinoceros, UNESCO World Heritage SiteAsam
Laokhowa Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryThe sanctuary is an ideal habitat for Indian rhinoceros and Asiatic water buffaloes and hog deer
Manas National ParkNational ParkUNESCO World Heritage Site
Nameri National ParkNational ParkTiger, leopard, sambar, dhole (the Asiatic wild dog), muntjac, gaur, wild boar, sloth bear, Himalayan black bear, capped langur
Orang National ParkNational ParkFauna Apart from the greater Indian one-horned rhinoceros and the Royal Bengal Tiger
Pabha Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryThe reptilian species include gharial and python
Pobitora Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryOne-horned rhinoceros.
Sonai Rupai Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIt is located along the foothills of the Great Himalayan Range
Bhimbandh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers and four-horned antelopeBihar
Gautam Budha Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers, leopards, wolve’s and sloth bears
Kaimur Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIt is home to more than 70 species of resident birds and Bengal tiger
Kanwar Lake Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryFamous Bird Sanctuary
Nagi Dam Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards and Sloth bear
Nakti Dam Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBird Sanctuary
Rajgir Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards
Udaypur Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryThe wildlife includes the Indian wolf, Indian leopard, sloth bear, striped hyena.
Valmiki National ParkNational ParkFamous for Tigers
Vikramshila Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIt is the only protected area for the endangered Gangetic dolphins in Asia
Chattbir Zoological ParkZoological ParkPair of White Tigers.Chandigarh
Sukhna Lake Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryA variety of butterflies, birds and animals like wild boar, pangolin, leopards
Achanakmar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryThe sanctuary is home to the Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, gaur, chital, Ussuri dholeChhattisgarh
Badalkohl Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryGazelle and the spotted dear
Bhairamgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryNilgai, Sambar, Gaur, Barking Deer
Gomarda Reserve ForestWildlife SanctuarySloth Bear, Wild Boar, Dhole or the wild dog and the jackel
Guru Ghasidas (Sanjay) National ParkNational ParkSpotted deer, Sambar deer, wild boar
Indravati National ParkNational ParkWild Asian buffalo, tiger reserve, hill mynas
Kanger Ghati National ParkNational ParkVery famous subterranean geomorphologic
Pamed Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryWild Buffalo
Sitanadi Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack Buck and Jungle Cat
Tamor Pingla Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFour-horned Antelope
Udanti Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian Gazelle
Indira Priyadarshini Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMongoose and Black Napped HareDelhi
Barda Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryRare Asiatic lionsGujarat
Blackbuck National ParkNational ParkBlackbucks
Dhumkhal Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian Gazelle
Gir Forest National ParkNational ParkAsiatic lion
Khijadiya Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Kutch Desert Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIt is famous for being a home to the colorful flamingos in large numbers
Marine National ParkNational ParkOctopus, Star fish and Sea Cucumbers
Nal Sarovar Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryGreater flamingos, white storks, four species of bitterns, crakes, grebes, brahminy ducks
Paniya Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLions and Leopards
Purna Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian civet cat and Indian porcupine
Ratanmala Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySloth Bear
Vansda National ParkNational ParkOtter, sambar, and sloth bear
Bondla Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMalabar giant squirrel, Indian peafowl and many species of snakesGoa
Bhagwan Mahavir SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack panther, barking deer, Bengal tiger, leopard and bonnet macaque
Mollem National ParkNational ParkMouse deer, pangolin, porcupine, slender loris
Bir Shikargarh SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian leopard, Asiatic elephantHaryana
Chautala SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryGray francolin, black francolin, Indian roller.
Kalesar National ParkNational ParkLeopard and bird-watching
Sultanpur National ParkNational ParkBird Sanctuary
Bandli Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHimachal Pradesh is home to the rare snow leopardHimachal Pradesh
Chail Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryGoral and Crested Porcupine, Wild Boar, langur and Himalayan Black Bear
Churdhar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMusk deer
Daranghati Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMusk Deer
Darlaghat Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBirds and animal live such as Kaleej and Chukor
Gobind Sagar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPopular species of fish like Singhara, Catla, Jhalli, Grass Crap
Great Himalayan National ParkNational ParkUNESCO World Heritage Site
Inderkilla National ParkNational ParkLeopard
Kais Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMusk Deer and I-BEX
Kalatop & Khajjiar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHimalayan Black Marten
Khirganga National ParkNational ParkSnow leopard
Kohkhan Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMusk Deer
Pin Valley National ParkNational ParkEndangered Snow Leopard
Pong Dam SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHome to different 27 varieties of fish that live in Pong Lake that is also the main attraction of the sanctuary
Talra Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHimalayan black bear and Musk deer
Tirthan Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuaryblue sheep, snow leopard, Himalayan brown bear
Achabal Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHimalayan black bearJammu & Kashmir
Chandtang Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTibetan wild ass, as well as the rare black-necked crane
Dachigam National ParkNational ParkOnly area where Kashmir stag is found
Gulmarg Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard, Musk Deer, Hangul, Black Bear, Red Fox, Leopard, Brown Bear
Hemis National ParkNational ParkSnow leopard
Kanji Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPangolin
Karakoram Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTibetan Antelope
Lachipora Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMarkhor (large species of goat)
Ramnagar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlue rock pigeon, mynah, peafowl and red jungle fowl
Tongri Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard, Brown Bear
Betla National ParkNational ParkBison, Elephant, Tiger and LeopardJharkhand
Dalma Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryDalma Wildlife Sanctuary
Gautam Budha Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySloth bears
Hazaribagh National ParkNational ParkWild Boar
Lawalong Wildlife sanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards and Tigers
Mahuadand Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPalamau Tiger
Palamau Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard
Palkot Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuary47 species of mammals, 174 species of birds
Parasnath Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBarking Deer, Spotted Deer
Udhwa Lake Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryBirds
Anshi National ParkNational ParkThe great Indian Hornbill, Tiger, Leopard, Black panther, Bear, Elephant, Deer, etcKarnataka
Arabihittu Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian elephant, golden jackal, fox, wild boar
Bandipur National ParkNational ParkChital, gray langurs, Indian giant squirrel, gaur, leopard, sambar deer, Indian elephants, honey buzzard, red-headed vulture
Bannerghatta National ParkNational ParkIndian tigers (including white tigers) and lions
Bhimgad Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryThreatened species of mammals, birds and reptiles
Brahmagiri Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryNilgiri marten
Ghataprabha Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryDemoiselle crane and European white stork
Gudavi Bird SanctuaryBird SanctuaryBirds
Pushpagiri Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIt is home to rare and endangered birdlife
Ranibennur Blackbuck SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryWild pig, fox, jackal, langur, porcupine
Sharavathi Valley Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLion-tailed macaque
Talakaveri Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryAsiatic Elephant and Fairy bluebird
Anamudi Shola National ParkNational ParkIndian Bison and Nilgiri tahrKerala
Chimmony Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPanthera tigris
Chinnar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBonnet macaque
Eravikulam National ParkNational ParkGolden jackal, jungle cat, wild dog
Kumarakom Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Migratory Birds
Malabar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryElephants
Neyyar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger, leopard, sloth bear, elephant and sambar
Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySambar deer, barking deer, spotted deer
Periyar National ParkNational ParkWild Pigs, Sambar, Gaur, Mouse Deer, Dole.
Silent Valley National ParkNational ParkAbsence of noisy cicadas, hence the name ‘Silent Valley’
Wayanad Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian bison.
Bandhavgarh National ParkNational Park1336 species of endemic plants.Madhya Pradesh
Bori Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMuntjac deer and gaur (Bos gaurus)
Gandhi Sagar SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian gazelle
Ghatigaon SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryGreat Indian Bustard
Kanha National ParkNational ParkTigers
Ken Ghariyal SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryCrocodile
Madhav National ParkNational ParkTiger, Leopard
Mandla Plant Fossils National ParkNational ParkFamous for Fossils
Narsinghgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlue bull
National Chambal SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard
Panna National ParkNational ParkGaur (Indian Bison), Cheetal, Sambar, Nilgai, Wild Dog and Wild Pig. The key predator is the Tiger followed by Leopard, Wild Dog and Wolf
Pench National ParkNational ParkChital, sambar, nilgai and sloth bear
Sardarpur SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers
Satpura National ParkNational Parkleopard, tiger, chital, nilgai, four-horned antelope, bhedki, rhesus, monkey chinkara, wild boar, buck, fox, flying squirrel, Indian joint squirrel
Singhori Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySambar, chital, blue bull, leopard and wild boar
Son Ghariyal SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryReptiles includes a large number of crocodiles and alligators
Van Vihar National ParkNational ParkWhite tiger, leopard, white bears, Sloth Bear, Hyena, Cheetal, Sambar, Neelgai, panthers,jackals, jungle cats and Blackbuck. Reptiles include a Large. number of crocodiles and alligators and pythons, kobras, monitor lizards
Aner Dam Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryChinkaras, porcupinesMaharashtra
Bhimashankar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards and wild boar
Bor Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian bison, blue bull
Chandoli National ParkNational ParkTiger and Leopards
Dhakna Kolkaz Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards
Gandhari Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers and many bird species
Gread Indian Bustard SanctuaryBustard SanctuaryIndian bustard
Gugamal National ParkNational ParkWild dog and Wild boar
Katepurna Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFour-horned antelope
Koyna Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards and gray langurs
Nandpur Madmeshwar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHimalayan brown bear, Himalayan black bear
Navegaon National ParkNational ParkTigers
Painganga Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHuge variety of Flora and Fauna
Sanjay Gandhi National ParkNational ParkBengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Indian Leopard, Rhesus Macaque, Bonnet Macaque, Spotted Deer, Hanuman Langur, Indian Flying Fox, Indian Hare, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Palm Civet, Mouse Deer
Tadoba National ParkNational ParkTigers
Keibul Lamjao National ParkNational ParkOnly floating park in the worldManipur
Yagoupokpi Lokchao Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Balphakram National ParkNational ParkWild water buffalo, Red panda, elephant and eight cat species, including the tiger and marbled catMeghalaya
Bhagmara Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers
Nokrek National ParkNational ParkElephants and Hoolock Gibbons
Siju Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack Bear
Dampa Tiger ReserveTiger ReserveTiger.Mizoram
Khawnglung Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard, sambar deer, barking deer, goral, serow, hoolock gibbon
Murlen National ParkNational ParkMalayan giant squirrel, Himalayan black bear
Phawngpui Blue Mountain National ParkNational ParkBlyth’s tragopan, falcon, sunbirds, dark-rumped swift
Fakim Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHoolock gibbons, Panther, Jungle Cat, Himalayan BearNagaland
Intanki Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPalm civets, black stork, tiger, white-breasted kingfisher
Ntangki National ParkNational ParkRare hoolock gibbon
Pulebatze Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuarySlender, Loris, Panther, Himalayan bear
Badrama Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryElephants, sambar leopards and bisonOdisha
Baisipalli Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryElephants, leopards
Balukhand-Konark Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryOlive Ridley Sea Turtles.
Debrigarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryProminent species of fauna that you will get to see here are the leopard, hyena, bison, Royal Bengal tiger, sambar deer, chousingha, spotted deer, chameleon, crested serpent eagle and monitor lizard
Gahirmatha SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryOlive ridley sea turtles
Hadgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuary231 species of bird nest in these forests
Simlipal National ParkNational ParkAsian elephant
Abohar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack buck and blue bull
Bir Bunnerheri Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Bir Dosanjh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger
Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger, leopard, Asian elephant, sambar, barking deer, gaur, jungle cat, wild boar
Bir Mehaswala Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for BirdsPunjab
Bir Motibagh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack Partridges.
Harike Lake Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Birds
Jhajjar Bacholi Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryRat Snake
Kathlaur Kushlian Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuaryparakeet (rose ringed), White humped Vulture
Nangal Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopards
Takhni-Rehampur Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryJackal, hog deer, hare, jungle cat
Bassi Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryAntelope, wild boarRajasthan
Bhensrodgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryIndian leopards, striped hyenas, golden jackals, foxes
Chambal Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryCrocodile
Darrah National ParkNational ParkLeopards, jackals, deer
Garhial Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryCrocodile
Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife SanctuaryPanthers
Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers
Jawahar Sagar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryLeopard, bear
Keoladeo National ParkNational ParkFamous for Crocodiles
Kumbhalgarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryPanther, wild boar and deer
Mukundra Hills National ParkNational ParkTigers
Nahargarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBear and Panther
Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryUNESCO World Heritage Site
Ranthambore National ParkNational ParkGolden jackal, jungle cat, sambhar, nilgai
Sariska Tiger ReserveTiger ReservePanthers and deer
Sawai Mansingh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger and Panthers
Shergarh Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryHyenas, panthers and wild boars
Todgarh-Raoli SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers
Barsey Rhododendron SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigersSikkim
Marnam Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryWide variety of trees, plants, birds and reptiles
Khangchendzonga National ParkNational ParkSloth bears, hyenas, wild boars
Bison (Rajbari) National ParkNational ParkSloth BearsTripura
Gumti Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryRed Panda and Black Bear
Trishna Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlack Bear
Guindy National ParkNational ParkUNESCO World Heritage SiteTamil Nadu
Gulf of Mannar Marine National ParkNational ParkFamous for Bison
Indra Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National ParkNational ParkYapping deer, sarow and wild goat
Mukurthi National ParkNational ParkGibbon, Golden Langur
Vallanadu Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for Snakes
Kawal Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryGreen turtle And ClownfishTelangana
Kinnerasani Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTigers
Manjira Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryNilgiri tahr
Pocharam Forest and Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBlackbuck
Shivaram Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger, leopard, gaur, cheetal and sambar
Gangotri National ParkNational ParkSloth bear and BlackbuckUttarakhand
Govind Pashu Vihar Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryBirds and Crocodile
Jim Corbett National ParkNational ParkPanther
Nanda Devi National ParkNational ParkPanther and Python
Rajaji National ParkNational ParkBeautiful forest
Dudhwa National ParkNational ParkAsian black bear, the brown bearUttar Pradesh
Hastinapur SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFirst national park in India (established in 1936 as Hailey National Park)
Kishanpur Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryUNESCO World Heritage Site, UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
National Chambal SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryMainly known for Elephants, Tigers, Leopards and several species of birds, reptiles and Mammals.
Samaspur Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryTiger Panthera tigris, Sambhar Axis axis,Hog Deer Axis porcinus
Buxa Tiger ReserveTiger ReserveSwamp deerWest Bengal
Gorumara National ParkNational ParkHog deer and barking deer
Jaldapara National ParkNational ParkEndangered gharial
Sundarbans National ParkNational ParkKnob-billed Duck, Lesser Whistling-duck
Murti Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryWild buffalo
Jaldapara National ParkNational ParkIndian hornbill
Champramari Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife SanctuaryFamous for its Elephant Population
Gorumara National ParkNational ParkIndian rhinoceros
Sunderban National ParkNational ParkTigers
Singalia National ParkNational Park Yellow-throated Marten

 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India – Question and Answer

  1. Jim Corbett National park which was built in 1936 in Uttarakhand was the 1st National Park of India.
  2. Wildlife Sanctuaries are established by IUCN category II protected areas.
  3. Senchal Game Sanctuary. Established in 1915 is the oldest of such sanctuaries in India.
  4. Chal Batohi, in Gujaratis the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in India.
  5. Hemis national park is the largest national park in India.
  6. India has a total of 1180 bird species which is amongst the top 10 in all over the World.
  7. The roar of a Royal Bengal Tiger travels over a distance of 2 kilometres.
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