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In this article, Examin has come up with the List of 100 Synonyms for Competitive Exams that are very commonly asked in exams such as, bank exams and government exams such as CAT, COMEDK, SSC_CGL, CDS, CSAT, NDA, ILET, PO, and more. So remember these words and you can also download the list of Synonyms PDF from the given link below.


WordSynonym Word Synonym
Above Over  AdmitConfess
AccurateCorrect  Afraid  Scared
AlikeSame AmountQuantity
AllowPermit Angry  Mad
AlmostNearly AppearSeem
Always Forever  Arrive  Reach
AnnoyIrritate AskInquire
AssureGuarantee Behave  Act
Awful Terrible  BraveBold
Bizarre Weird  BuyPurchase
BroadWide Care  Protection
Clarify Explain  CondemnDenounce
Connect Join  Correct  Right
Delicate Fragile  Damage  Hurt
Difficult Hard  DestroyDemolish
Disappear Vanish  Diminish  Decrease
Easy Simple  Disclaim Deny
EatConsume  End Finish
ExitLeave FastQuick
False Untrue  GetReceive
FatigueExhaust  Glad  Happy
Good Fine  illSick
Infant Baby  InnocentHarmless
Job Occupation  Intelligent  Clever
LargeBig JoinConnect
LastFinal  Keep  Hold
MassiveEnormous Lack ofDeprive of
MistakeError  MobileMoveable
NativeLocal  NearClose
Non-stopContinuous NeglectDisregard
Occur Happen  OddStrange
OperateFunction Old  Ancient
PresentGift One  Single
RescueSave OutsideExternal
RudeImpolite Raise  Lift
Sad Unhappy  Respect  Honor
Select Choose  Rich  Wealthy
ShowDisplay Rule  Law
SilentQuite  Safe Secure
SlimSlender SmallTiny
StoneRock SpeakTalk
Trip Journey  Start  Begin
UnderstandComprehend SuggestPurpose
VacantEmpty True  Correct
VaryDiffer Under  Below
Write Record  WantDesire



We hope that this List Of 100 Synonyms For Competitive Exams will help you in efficient preparation for BITSAT, COMEDK, EAMCET, JEE_MAIN, K_CET, MH_CET, SRM_JEE, and various other competitive Exams.




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