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Important Geographical Discoveries of the World & Their Discoverers

List of Important Geographical Discoveries around the World


Updated January 20, 2017

Geographical Discoveries has always been an important part of any Competitive exams. If you don’t know about these discoveries and their discoverers, you are likely to miss few marks in upcoming SSC exams. Today we are providing you a list of Important Geographical Discoveries and their Discoverers. Just check this list and try to remember their names.


DiscoveryDiscoverer (Nationality)Year
AmericaChristopher Columbus (Italy)1492
AustraliaCaptain James Cook (England)1770
BrazilPedro Alvares Cabral (Portuguese)1500
Cape of Good HopeBartholomeu Dias (Portugal)1488
ChinaMarco Polo (Italy)
First person to set foot on MoonNeil Armstrong (USA)1969
Hudson BayHenry Hudson (England)1610
Hawaiian IslandCaptain James Cook (England)1770
North PoleRobert Peary (USA)1909
New FoundlandJohn Cabot (Italy)1497
PlanetsJohannes Kepler (Germany)1609
Solar SystemNicolaus Copernicus (Poland)1540
Sea route to India via Cape of Good HopeVasco-da-Gama (Portugal)1498
South PoleRoald Amundsen (Norway)1911
Tasmania IslandAbel Tasman (Dutch)1642



Largest Country Area Wise

  • Russia: 17,075,200 km2(6,592,771 mi 2)
  • Canada: 9,984,670 km2(3,854,082 mi2)
  • United States: 9,631,418 km2(3,717,727 mi2)
  • China: 9,596,960 km2(3,704,426 mi2)
  • Brazil: 8,511,965 km2(3,285,618 mi2)
  • Australia: 7,686,850 km2(2,967,124 mi2)
  • India: 3,287,590 km2(1,269,009 mi2)



Smallest Country Area Wise

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – 261 km²
  • Marshall Islands – 181 km²
  • Liechtenstein – 160 km²
  • San Marino – 61 km² 
  • Tuvalu – 26 km²
  • Nauru – 21 km² 
  • Monaco – 2 km² 
  • Vatican City – 0.44 km² 



Countries With The Smallest Populations

Vatican City451
San Marino31,595
Marshall Islands52,898



Largest Country Population Wise

United States32,92,56,465




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