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Important to Focus on Page speed Load time

Why should you focus on page speed load time?



Every e-commerce owner or any website owner wants to increase their Page speed load time and give user a good experience and earn profit.And, studies show that one of the key reasons why exit rates may be hitting the roof is poor page load time/performance.






This year is related in terms of technology and everything. If the loading speed of your website is slow then it could turn into the worst nightmare possible for the obvious reasons. So, why to focus on page speed load time?



Why page speed load is so important?


  • Page loading speed of a website completely make sense in each and every way. Poor page load can also damage your online reputation and reduce the traffic or audience in your website.
  • Potential customers can really get frustrated if they have to wait for your website to load.



page speed load time



So, in order to maintain the website’s image you need to focus on page load speed.



How fast and worth should your website load?


The fast website is undoubtedly a good user experience and the satisfaction of customers lead to higher conversion rates and profits.

Slow websites on the other hand freaks out people in a big way. Your website should be fast enough to satisfy people because every second is important.


  • With a fast loading website you will get a hold on the customers or viewers. When you can satisfy the customer with great speed and performance they will be left with no reason to not stick to your website.
  • Fast loading website will provide you success and progress throughout. You will be able to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of.


!!Should have mobile version of your website!!


It’s always a good idea to have mobile version of your website. Nowadays, people use more mobiles/tablets then laptops/desktops to access the web.

One thing to be aware of is that the mobile versions of websites will tend to load more slowly than the laptop/desktop web versions. Therefore, it means that you cannot just dump the same code that you used for the web version of your site onto the mobile version. Rather you need different code, so that your mobile site has that crucial two seconds or less page load performance.



Try and reduce your page load speed to 1 second or less and watch those conversion rates soar!



How to check your website loading speed?


Checking your page load speed is actually pretty simple, especially as Google has recently released some free online tools to enable you to do just that. Google Analytics also tells you the page speed load time and how you can improve it.


      4 tools to check website page load speed:

  • Sucuri Load Time Tester
  • GTMetrix
  • Pingdom
  • Org


     Tools to check mobile website load time:

  • GTMetrix
  • Google Pagespeed Insights





There are plenty of other tools as well from where you can check and improve your page load performance beyond these!!

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