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Current Affairs 2018



Current Affairs 2018 for Banking, SSC, UPSC & Govt Exams


1.     Indian Defense Forces: Basic General Knowledge & Most Important Questions

2.     Towns and Cities Associated with Industries

3.      IUCN Red List India 2016 for UPSC IAS Exam

4.       List of Important Civilian Awards – GK Notes for SSC & Bank Exams in PDF

5.       Highest Gallantry Honours or Awards of Different Countries

6.        List of PH Values of Different Substances: GK Quiz


8.         Scientific Explanations of Common Phenomena

9.          Minerals in Human Body their Functions, Deficiency Diseases and Rich Sources

10.         Inorganic Compounds and Their Uses

11.         Father of Different Fields of Science & Technology


13.          SI Units – List of Measurements and Their Unit

14.           Inventions and Discoveries for Banking & SSC CGL Exam

15.           Famous Websites and their Founders

16.           National Games of Major Countries in the World

17.           Important Sports Events & World Championship Venues PDF

18.           Founders of Some Great Works (Red Cross, Scout, Socialism, Bhudan etc.)

19.           Presidential Residence Name & City of World’s Top Countries

20.           20 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World

21.           Famous Dictators List | World Famous Dictators

22.           How Many Nuclear Bombs Have Been Dropped In The World?

23.           Phobia List – The Ultimate List of Phobias & Fears From Different Objects/Things

24.            Full List of Miss World & Miss Universe Winners (1951-2017)

25.            List of Foreign Envoys Visited Ancient India – Foreign Travelers

26.            List of Finance Commissions and their Chairman / Heads | Current Heads

27.            List of Popular Multi-National Companies and their CEO’s

28.             Famous Creators / Authors Of Famous Characters Of Fictions, Cartoons, and Comics

29.             List of Top 30 Stock Exchanges in the World PDF: 2018

30.             Important Institutions and Its Headquarters in India

31.             List Of Governors-General of India & Viceroys During British Period

32.             Timeline of Indian History/ Major Events of Indian History

33.             Important Famous Caves in India: SSC GK NOTES

34.             State-Wise List of Festivals in India (PDF Download)

35.             GK: Countries and Its Important Festivals-Updated List 2018

36.             Famous Instrumentalists and Vocalist of India | Classical Singers Names | Famous Classical Bands

37.              Indian State With Their Tagline: Updated List

38.              Classical Languages Of India : Indian Languages And The Classical Status

39.              The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: What are they?

40.              List of Famous Historical Monuments of India and their Builders


42.               Major Straits of the World: A Complete list

43.               Important Geographical Discoveries of the World & Their Discoverers

44.               Old and New Name of Countries | New and Old Names of Countries

45.               Important Mountain Passes in India | Himalayan Passes

46.                List of Names of Various Tribal Groups (Communities) in India


48.                List Of Landlocked Countries Around the World By Continents

49.                 List of Countries with their Capital and Currencies PDF Download

50.                 GK: Different Dance Forms Of India With States PDF Download

51.                 Famous Palaces in India – List of Top Best Palaces of India

52.                 Major Space and Nuclear Research Centers in India – Complete List


54.                  GK : Major Tiger Reserves of India | List of Tiger Reserves in India and its Locations

55.                    Union Territory of India: Their Capital & Chief Minister

56.                   Important Indian Towns and Cities situated on River Bank

57.                   Important Rivers Of India With Their Origins

58.                    List of Longest, Largest, Highest, Tallest Places in the India: PDF File

59.                    List of waterfalls in India (PDF Download) For SSC, Bank, IAS

60.                    List of First in India PDF: General Knowledge 

61.                     Government Schemes in India 2018 | Sarkari Yojana Launched by Narendra Modi

62.                    India’s Ranking in Different World Human Development Index 2018

63.                     List of Joint Venture Insurance companies

64.                     List of Important Missiles of India for Banking & SSC Exams in PDF

65.                     List of Indian Ambassadors to Foreign Countries [Updated] 2018

66.                     List Of Thermal Power Stations & Hydro Stations In India

67.                      Largest Religions In The World 2018: World’s Fastest Growing Major Religion

68.                      Memorial Places of Famous Indian Leaders : Updated List

69.                      50 Major Airlines of the World | National Airlines in the world

70.                      World Cities with Their famous Nicknames

71.                      Nick names of Famous Persons, Freedom Fighters, Politicians, Sportsperson

72.                      Indian Political Parties and their Leaders and Symbols

73.                      State Symbols of India | List of Indian States and their Symbols

74.                      List of Countries visited by Narendra Modi (2014-2017) | Updated List

75.                      Complete List of National Parks of India PDF Download for Competitive Exams- Updated List

76.                       List Of Important Museums In India Pdf Download

77.                       List of Recently Appointed Brand Ambassadors (Updated till 10 January 2018)

78.                       List of All Chief Justices of India Since 1950 Till Date

79.                       GK Notes: Important International Boundary Lines – PDF Download

80.                       List Of International Cricket Stadiums In World | Famous Cricket Stadium In World

81.                       Major Lakes in India | List of State Wise Lakes in India – Civil Services Preparation

82.                       ‘Father of the Nation’ of Different Countries

83.                       General Knowledge for SSC Exams (Nick Names of Important Indian Places)

84.                       Highest, Longest, Biggest, Largest, Deepest, Smallest of the World & India

85.                       50 Famous Sports Personalities in India : GK for RRB, SSC, PSC & UPSC

86.                       List of 29 Indian States and Their Capitals + Chief Ministers in 2018



89.                       List of Bharat Ratna Award Winners 1954 – 2017 Benefits, Dispute & Important Facts

90.                       Difference Between Private And Nationalised Banks?

91.                       List of Award recipients – Award winners List – Current Affairs GK 2017

92.                       Jnanpith Award – List of Jnanpith Award Winners – Current Affairs GK 2017

93.                       Man Booker Prize Winners Complete List (1969-2017) for SSC, Bank

94.                       Agriculture – Current Affairs Questions & Answers for Competitive Exams

95.                       Questions & Answers on Agriculture | MCQ | Objective & Practice Questions

96.                       Agriculture GK Objective Question & Answers MCQ for Competitive Exam PDF

97.                       Agriculture Question Answer, GK Quiz, General Knowledge

98.                       National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries India [Updated] List for Bank, SSC

99.                       Popular Abbreviations for Competitive Exams: SSC, IBPS, RRB, Govt Jobs

100.                 Current Affairs – List of World President & Prime Ministers Download PDF

101.                 List of Important Dams in India State wise PDF for SSC, Banking

102.                 List of Top Crops Producing States of India, State-wise List for Bank, SSC

103.                 GK Notes: Important Deserts of the world | Bank Exam Study Material

104.                 GK Notes: Major Crops & their Producing States, Major Crops Grown in India

105.                 Major Crops grown in India | Types & Practices | SSC, Bank, UPSE

106.                 List Of Largest Producing Countries Of Agricultural Products & Minerals

107.                 Banking Awareness : Regional Rural Banks ( Sponsors & States ) Complete List

108.                 Important Study Notes On Socio – Religious Reform Movements In India

109.                 Best Famous Slogans/Quotes By Indian Freedom Fighters: UPSC & IAS Exam

110.                 Important Wars & Battles in Indian History for SSC CGL, Bank PO, Clerk

112.                 Important Years/Dates in Indian History 1851 to 2013: SSC, Clerk, PO Exam

113.                 List Of National & International Airports In India: SSC CGL, IBPS PO Mains

114.                 14 Major Seaports in India, Indian Sea ports: Bank SSC Exams 2018

115.                 List Of Joint Military Exercises Of Indian Army With Other Countries 2018 Bank SSC Exam

116.                 List of Bank, Headquarters, Tagline/Slogan & Their Chairman/Head 2017

117.                 List of CEOs, MDs & Heads of Indian Banks 2017 [Updated] – SSC, Bank Exam

118.                 List of Foreign Banks in India And Their Headquarter 2018 [Updated]

119.                 Latest – Heads of Important Offices in India : SSC, Bank Clerk, PO

120.                 List Of Important Indian Organisations And Their Headquarters 2018

121.                 List of 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India for SSC Exams Quiz

122.                 List of Important Days & Dates | IBPS Bank Exams | List Of Important Days In India

123.                 List of Important National Highways in India

124.                 Highlights: Census of India 2011

125.                 List of all Presidents & Prime Ministers of India – General Awareness & Notes

126.                 List of Countries and Capitals with similar Currencies

127.                 Top 35 List of Important International Organizations and their Headquarter 2017-18

128.                 Updated Full list of Union Cabinet & Council of Ministers

129.                 60th Annual Grammy Awards 2018 Winners Complete List


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