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How to Create SEO friendly website? Search keywords, write and copy it! But not really simple as it looks! In today world, there are plenty of websites which are keyword based and if your brand name is a keyword people could use in Google it becomes somewhat different. There would be more websites related to your brands that people are targeting, so all of a sudden you might be facing the competition of your site as well.


So, if many websites have similar keyword based names it becomes quite difficult to you to rank high on the SERPs. Whereas, Yoast suggests that you shouldn’t even try to rank your homepage and to not bother setting a focus keyword.



But you should not give up rather give it a different approach to optimize your homepage. So, you should be keyword conscious and make attempt to rank for certain keywords only. It’s not only to devote your whole energy to rank high for just one keyword.


  • Primary Goal of your SEO friendly homepage should be to let Google know what the theme of your website is and what product you are offering!
  • Answer the queries of your audience/visitors so that they should know the product you are offering is relevant or not and it can be done through social media proof, intuitive navigation and rich content of your site.
  • Site structure should help visitors to find what they need with proper aspect of SEO friendly homepage.


It can appeal to search engines and human visitors!


SEO friendly



What to put on your homepage of your website to make SEO friendly?


There’s a particular Whiteboard Friday on Moz that addresses the core components of a well-crafted homepage.

It discusses the old way of constructing a homepage versus the new way. You can disregard the “old way” because it’s not applicable to this discussion.



Website Logo and Navigation


It’s pretty self-explanatory but you obviously want to include your logo because it reinforces your brand identity.

As for Navigation, it allows visitors to quickly narrow their search and find what they’re looking for and lets Google understand the overarching theme of both your site and brand. Make your navigation easily visible and in a logical sequence.


Do let audience know what your company do?


This is important! You need to clearly and concisely explain exactly what it is your company does and the product you’re offering.

Two important keys to make your website SEO friendly:


  • You want to make your offer crystal clear for visitors. There should be absolutely no doubt in their mind as to what your offer.


  • You would include a reasonable amount of rich content. Don’t try to use more words just for the sake of hitting a higher word count. Just do whatever makes the most sense.


How to use subset of your keywords?


In Google Adwords, use keyword planner to search for keywords. The best tool to find your niche relevant keywords.

Type in your niche keywords and you can find millions of related keywords that you can use into your homepage SEO friendly page.

It’s a very easy technique and will help you in finding a variable subset of keywords.


keyword planner



Headers play a big role in SEO. So of course you would want to take full advantage of them on your homepage. Ideally, work in a few of your targeted keywords into your headers in a natural way!


Internal Links


You must be probably wondering about links.

More specifically, you’re probably wondering how many internal links you should include (if any). After all, internal linking is an integral part of SEO.


Internal links to make seo friendly



It’s always good to include a handful of relevant links if it makes sense to your homepage. These will be located towards the bottom and will serve as better navigation for your visitors. It’s in no way spam and isn’t simply there as a means to generate some more “SEO juice.”

The bottom line with links is that it’s fine to use them and should help make your homepage even more SEO friendly!


Meta Description


One simple but incredibly vital detail — the meta description of your homepage.

This helps search engines better understand the theme of each site and gives potential visitors a quick glimpse of what they can expect by visiting either of these sites.


Meta description for seo friendly


CTA(Call To Action)


Some characteristics of a great CTA:

  • It needs to be conspicuous
  • It needs to be direct
  • It needs to be clear
  • You should use A/B testing to determine the ideal colour scheme, positioning, etc.


I think that Rand offers a great piece of advice in regards to the positioning of key content and whether or not you should place any of it below the fold.

People will scroll. Just make sure to keep the page’s experience compelling to draw the eye down.


Would like to make one last major point about creating an SEO friendly homepage. You shouldn’t target a single, branded keyword on your homepage.

Instead, you should look to target multiple keywords to establish a dominating theme for your site and brand.

You need to do everything within your power to help search engines understand what your company and product are about. Images and videos along with smaller blocks of text can enhance the look of your homepage, connect the dots for visitors, and allow you to create even more rich content. It’s also important to provide at least a bit of social proof and a rock solid CTA. Because, Presentation is after all everything!


Make a little change to your site, make SEO friendly homepage and see how it affects to your site’s search engine!!

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