10 Best Books for VITEEE 2018 Preparation

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Listed below are 10 Best Books for VITEEE 2018 preparation:


Preparing for engineering exam in India is tough. It gets tricky when one has to choose the best reference books for preparation. In this article Examin experts lists down 10 best books for VITEEE 2018 Preparation.

A first step towards successful VITEEE preparation is choosing the right book for VITEEE. However, aspirants should avoid referring too many books at a time, as it leads to confusion.



What are the best books needed to crack VITEEE?


So you are targeting VITEEE 2018? Confused with which book to refer? Don’t worry! Given below is a list of 10 best books for VITEEE 2018. It can help in supplementing your VITEEE Preparation. Read on.




1  Objective Physics for Engineering Entrances:


This book has been revised and designed by Arihant for the aspirants preparing for the upcoming popular engineering entrances like JEE Main and Advanced, BITSAT, MH CET, EAMCET, Karnataka CET, Kerala CEE, VIT, WBJEE, UPSEE, etc. This book has been designed to help aspirants master the concepts of physics as thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the concepts is required for scoring high in such engineering entrances. 

The present Objective Physics Volume-1 has been designed in sync with Class 11thPhysics NCERT textbook to help aspirants prepare for the competitions along with their school studies. The book contains over 5000 objective questions of all types like single option correct, matching, assertion-reason and statement based questions. The book has been divided into 17 chapters namely Units, Dimensions and Error Analysis, Vectors, Motion in One Dimension, Projectile Motion, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Circular Motion, COM, Conservation of Linear Momentum Impulse and Collision, Rotation, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity, Fluid Mechanics, Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Kinetic Theory of Gases, The First Law of Thermodynamics, Calorimetry and Wave Motion, each sub-divided into number of topics as per the Class 11th Physics NCERT textbook and syllabi. Ample number of solved and unsolved questions have been provided in the book to help clear their concepts and equip them in solving different types of problems. The questions provided in the book incorporate the syllabi of almost all engineering entrances in India. Each chapter contains objective questions presented in two levels, Level I covering the basic questions and Level II covering higher difficulty order questions. The questions have been divided into two levels to help aspirants practice the concepts step by step. A separate collection of questions asked in previous years’ national and regional engineering entrances has been provided in the book. The questions of practice exercises have been solved in detail to help students understand the concepts better and effectively. Also JEE Main and Advanced 2016 and 2015 Solved Papers have been provided in the book to help aspirants get an insight into the recent examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein. 

As the book contains ample number of questions which can be asked in the upcoming engineering entrances as well as questions asked in previous years’ engineering entrance examinations, it for sure will help aspirants master the concepts of Physics and also the skills required to tackle the questions asked in different formats in various popular engineering entrances. 




2. Physics MCQ multiple – choice-question bank:



Physics Multiple Choice Question Bank by Dr. D Mukherjee is designed to help any candidate answering competitive examinations like the IIT JEE.The book contains various multiple choice questions that a student can work on in order to build his knowledge in the subject. It also serves as an efficient method of preparation for the test. The book covers all the important subjects of physics that a candidate needs to get himself prepared with in the examination. It also includes various miscellaneous questions and worksheets on physics to build a candidate’s efficiency in the test.





3. Chemistry Textbook:


Chemistry Part II-Class XI is a textbook which was published by Nicer. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (Nicer) is an organization set up by the Government of India. Its main role is to assist and advise the central and state governments on academic matters related to the education in schools. High on the priority list of the Nicer is the devising and the implementing of a nationwide curriculum. A method by which Nicer accomplishes this is by publishing various books under its own banner. These textbooks are used nationwide in schools that work according to the CBSE standards.

Chemistry Part II-Class XI is used in schools which are affiliated to the CBSE or are functioning in accordance with the CBSE standards. It is the second part of the eleventh standard textbook for chemistry and it maintains the high standards which are expected of all Nicer textbooks. This book provides a comprehensive coverage of important concepts such as Redox reactions, The s-Block Elements, Hydrogen, The p-Block Elements, Hydrocarbons, Organic Chemistry: Some Basic Principles and Techniques, and Environmental Chemistry. The book has interesting facts which are highlighted throughout the chapters, and at the end of the each chapter there are questions which help make sure that the student has thoroughly understood the concepts in the chapter. Chemistry Part II-Class XI is great for beginners as it starts from the basics and moves forward at a pace which makes it possible for students to grasp concepts quickly. It is also a very important book for students preparing for various engineering entrance exams as well as the UPSC exam.

Chemistry Part II-Class XI is an ideal textbook because it maintains high standards while being easy to understand. It places importance on knowledge and understanding of all the topics which are present in the book. Chemistry Part II-Class XI was published by National Council of Education Research and Training in the year 2013 and is available in paperback.





4. Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry: For Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations:



Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry 3/e covers all the essential concepts of organic chemistry through 2750 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) given in the book. The MCQs have been designed in a manner to facilitate quick learning. The current edition, a successor to the highly-appreciated previous edition, has three new chapters to give aspirants an extra edge to crack the examinations.






5. New Pattern MATHEMATICS – A master practice book:


Various national and state level engineering entrances like JEE Main and Advanced require thorough knowledge and practice of the concepts covered under the syllabi. And for gaining thorough knowledge the aspirants need to practice using various types of questions which are asked in previous years’ JEE Main and Advanced and also model questions which may be asked in the future engineering entrances. The revised edition of this specialized book by Arihant is a true master practice book of Mathematics designed as per the examination pattern of JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

The present practice book for JEE Main and Advanced Mathematics contain over 8000 questions which have been divided into 32 chapters namely Complex Numbers, Theory of Equations, Sequences and Series, Permutations and Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Determinants, Matrices, Logarithms and Their Properties, Probability, Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Differential Coefficient, Application of Derivatives, Monotonicity, Rolle’s and Mean Value Theorems, Maxima and Minima, Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration, Areas, Differential Calculus, The Straight Lines, Pair of Straight Lines, Circle, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola, Three Dimensional Geometry, Trigonometric Ratios and Identities, Trigonometric Equations, Inverse Circular Functions, Solution of Triangles and Vectors. This is a Master Practice Book consisting of innovative objective problems like MCQs with Single Correct Option, Multiple Correct Options, Assertion-Reason, Linked Comprehension Based, Matrix Matching and Single Integer Answer Type. The different types of objective questions provided in the book will help in sharpening the comprehension and analytical abilities in the students. All the questions are supplemented by hints and step-by-step explanatory solutions at the end of each chapter. The book also contains Solved Paper 2014 and 2015 JEE Main and Advanced which will help aspirants get an insight into the recent examination pattern and the types of questions asked therein.

As the book contains ample number of Mathematics objective questions on the basis of the new examination pattern, it will help students learn in depth about the various concepts and subjects covered under the syllabi of Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced Exam 2017.




6. 10 Mock Tests & Solved Papers for VIT Engineering 2018:


The VITEEE (Vellore Institute of Technology Engineering Entrance Exam) is conducted by the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore which is a premier engineering institute for selecting students for admission to undergraduate engineering courses in the institute. This book has been designed for the students aspiring to clear VITEEE 2017.

The present book has been designed to give the candidates an insight into the trend of questions asked in the VIT Entrance Examination. The book contains last 10 years’ (2007-2016) solved papers of VIT Entrance examination, giving the aspirants an exact idea about the pattern of questions that may be asked in the examination. Authentic and explanatory solutions to all the previous years’ questions have been given for easy comprehension. The solutions have been well explained with figures, illustrations, tables, graphs, etc. for a thorough understanding of the concepts. The book also contains 10 Mock Tests designed on the lines of the previous years’ papers and the examination pattern decided by VIT. Solutions to all the 10 mock tests have also been covered at the end of the book giving candidates a helping hand while revising the concepts covered under the syllabi of the entrance examination.

As the book contains a large number of previous years’ solved questions as well as a large number of practice questions, it for sure will help aspirants score high in the upcoming VIT entrance exam 2017.




7. Objective Mathematics (Two Vol Set):



Amit M. Agarwal’s Objective Approach to Mathematics published by Arihant Publications, is a comprehensive book for JEE Main, JEE Advanced and other Engineering Entrance exams aspirants. It comprises of various concepts in Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Linear Programming and Numerical Methods. A few other topics covered in this book are Inequality, Matrices and Determinants, Complex Numbers, Combinatorics, Probability, Sets, Cartesian Product and Relations, Linear Programming, Binomial Theorem and Properties and Solution of Triangles.




8. Biology Textbook:


Biology Textbook for Class XII is an NCERT textbook which follows the guidelines of NFC in letter and spirit. This book will help students of Class XII become familiar with the diversity of biological material and make them understand the concepts.

Biology Textbook for Class XII contains five units, the first of which covers reproduction in organisms, humans and flowering plants. Genetics and Evolution is the second unit and here students can learn about the principles and molecular basis of inheritance. This section also covers the structures and functions of genetic material. In Biology in Human Welfare, the authors speak about the strategies that have been developed for the enhancement of food production. This is sure to make readers become aware of the profound contributions of Biology to human welfare. The next portion focuses on the principles, processes and applications of Biotechnology. The last unit is titled Ecology and students can learn about ecosystems, biodiversity and environmental issues within this section.

Biology Textbook for Class XII shows how genes are related to evolution but ecological interactions, behaviour of ecosystems and population also play an important role. This textbook will go a long way in developing a sense of appreciation within students for Darwinian evolutionary processes. The book has been written in an easy dialogue style way, which is sure to keep the students engaged. At the end of each chapter, the authors have added a series of questions. The textbook, published by NCERT in 2006, is available in paperback.




9. AC Dutta for Botany – Oxford Publication:



The sixth edition of Botany for Degree Students presents a thorough revision of the whole text, including the rewriting of many sections and the addition of several new topics on the basis of recent research. It covers as far as possible the prescribed syllabuses of several Indian universities and will meet the needs of degree students not only in India but abroad as well.






10. Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology with Value Based Questions:



“Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology with Value Based Questions Class-XI, authored by P. S. Dhami, G. Chopra and H. N. Srivastava, is a comprehensive textbook for Science students who are preparing for the Class 12 Biology examinations.






Apart from studying theory, one should also have books that comprises of VITEEE question papers of last few years. This could be of great help during VITEEE 2018 revision.



If you have any other updates that we should be included in this list of 10 Best Books recommended for VITEEE 2018, then please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


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