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Preparing for government exams is tough. It gets tricky when one has to choose the best reference books for preparation. In this article, Examin experts list down 10 Best books for PCS Exam. The first step towards successful PCS preparation is choosing the right book for PCS. However, aspirants should avoid referring to too many books at a time, even if they use some sort of writing assistance from what they believe is the best essay writing services, as it leads to confusion.

So you are targeting PCS Entrance Exam? Confused with which book to refer? Don’t worry! Given below is a list of 10 Best books for PCS Exam. It can help in supplementing your PCS Preparation.

List of 10 Best book for PSC Exam

1. India’s Struggle for Independence: 1857-1947:


India’s struggle for Independence by Bipin Chandra is your go to book for an in-depth and detailed overview on Indian independence movement . Indian freedom struggle is one of the most important parts of its history. A lot has been written and said about it, but there still remains a gap. Rarely do we get to hear accounts of the independence from the entire country and not just one region at one place. This book fits in perfectly in this gap and also provides a narration on the impact this movement had on the people. Bipin Chandra’s book is a well-documented history of India’s freedom struggle against the British rule. It is one of the most accurate books which have been painstakingly written after thorough research based on legal and valid verbal and written sources. It maps the first war of independence that started with Mangal Pandey’s mutiny and witnessed the gallant effort of Sri Rani Laxmi Bai. Many of the pages of this book are dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi’s non-cooperation and the civil disobedience movements. It contains detailed description of Subash Chandra Bose’s weapon heavy tactics and his charisma. This book includes all the independence movements and fights, irrespective of their size and impact, covering India in its entirety. Although these movements varied in means and ideas, but they shared a common goal of independence. This book contains oral and written narratives from different parts of the country, making this book historically rich and diverse. The book captures the evolution of Indian independence struggle in full detail and leaves no chapter of this story untouched. This book is a good read for the students of Indian modern history and especially for students who are preparing for UPSC examination and have taken History as their subject. 

2. Facets of Indian Culture:

Paper Towns is a New York Times bestselling book. It is a story of Quentin Jacobsen who has been in love with Margo Roth Spiegelman. Margo and her adventures, has always been the centre of attraction of their high-school.

When one day she ascends through Quentin’s window and commands him to accompany her for an all-night road trip, he happily follows her.

The next day Margo is missing from the school. Even after a week she is unable to be reached. Quentin gets some hints about her vanishing and he further proceeds into the details of the mystery. This takes him to another splendid road trip across America. With time he becomes unsure about what exactly he is looking for.

This is a master piece written beautifully by John Green. It is a very intuitive and funny modern story. Paper Towns has been adapted as a motion film by the same name which stars Nat Wolff and Carra Delevingne.

3. India’s Foreign Policy: Coping with the Changing World:

India’s Foreign Policy: Coping with the Changing World is a reflection on these transformations and includes prescriptions for strategies and policy measures. It deals with India’s evolving relations with important world powers, like the United States, Russia and China. It proffers advice, distilled from experience, on dealing with neighbours, with the limelight on Bangladesh, one of the most important neighbours of India. The author, who played an important role in shaping and conducting India’s policies in the global arena, does not hesitate to put forth views that are radically different from the prevailing ones.

The book also discusses happenings that are likely to have a far-reaching impact on India in the near future, including China’s emergence as a global power and the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal. It also casts a glance on India’s diaspora, spread out across the world, and the role it has come to play in influencing the country’s development and foreign policy. As the first in the ‘India and the World’ series, the book gives the reader an expert account of the major developments in the world and of the many trajectories of India’s foreign policy.

4. Objective General English (R.S. Aggarwal):

Over the last 20 years this book has earned the reputation of being one of the market leaders in the subject and has helped you score high in the General English paper of most competitive examinations. With changing times and in keeping up with the modern trends in examination papers we have provided a Question Bank comprising questions from different competitive examinations held between 2010 and 2016. In addition, we have also provided a few Full-Length Examination Papers, with their answers, to give you the experience first-hand.



5. High School English Grammar and Composition Book (Regular Edition):

Wren and Martin’s High School English Grammar & Composition is one of the most popular and widely used reference books on English Grammar. It not only helps the students to use the language, but also gives detailed information about the language. High School English Grammar & Composition provides ample guidance and practice in sentence building, correct usage, comprehension, composition and other allied areas so as to equip the learners with the ability to communicate effectively in English. The regular edition is now available in a larger format making it more user-friendly and attractive. The multicolour edition is now available in a larger format, with vibrant and child-friendly illustrations. The Self-practice book has been especially designed to cater to the demands of the users. Writing space has been provided to work out the answers in an organized manner. The Self-practice book may be used with both the multicolour and regular editions. The key has been designed to provide users with a reliable and practical tool in the form of correct answers to the exercises in the book.

6. Punjabi Vyakaran – 4:


These books are aimed at enable you to write and learn Gurumukhi language. in it these is an attempt has been made to present grammatical facts as simple and to lead the student to assimilate them as thoroughly, as possible, and at the same time to do away with confusing difficulties as for as may be . We hope these books finally servers to encourage the learning to more and more things in Gurumukhi by modem Punjabi scholars.


7. Contemporary Essays:

Contemporary Essays is a collection of carefully selected and compiled topical essays meant for complete coverage of the all viable essay topics for the first paper of the UPSC Mains examination, which is exclusively an essay paper. After the restructuring of the syllabus of the Main examination in 2013, the scope and weight of the Essay Paper has increased to 250 marks, covering most of the important socio-economic and political issues. There is now a declared emphasis on the importance of a cogently written essay and the art of essay writing. This book is therefore perfectly conceived and designed for the aspirants of Union Civil Services and State Civil Services examinations.


8. Ancient India in Historical Outline:

This book is a substantially modified and enlarged version of the 1977 original. It surveys the major developments in India’s social, economic and cultural history up to the end of the ancient period and the beginning of the early middle ages and explains the rise and growth of states with reference to their material basis. Special attention has been paid to the elements of change and continuity in society, economy and culture, and to the changing forms of exploitation and consequent social tensions as well as to the role of religion and superstition in society.




9. General Studies – 2018 for UPSC, SSC, Railways, PSUs and Bank PO:

The content of this book are highly useful for State Services Examinations, Railways, Banking Exams and various PSUs such as NTPC, NHPC, BPCL, BSNL, DMRC, HAL, IOCL, SAIL, NPCL, DRDO etc. It covers the entire general knowledge and general awareness topics that a student appearing for any such examination should be conscious enough. The coverage of syllabus is as of latest trend. There are previous years’ questions presented along with their solutions. The theoretical part has been written in a lucid style for easy comprehension of the readers. Practice set provided after every unit for students to give a trial. All in all, the entire book is informative and impressive at the same time.


10. Civil Services Success Planner:

Broad guidelines on various aspects of the examination Separate write-up on the proposed changes in the preliminary examination Detailed explanation on how to tackle the main examination Tips and strategies for success in interview Important facts highlighted in boxes.






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