10 Best Books for EAMCET Engineering Exam Preparation 2018

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This Article Gives You The Complete Informtion Regarding Which Are The Best Books For Scoring Good Marks In Eamcet Exam


Preparing for engineering exam in India is tough. It gets tricky when one has to choose the best reference books for preparation. In this article Examin experts lists down 10 Best Books for EAMCET Engineering Exam Preparation 2018.

A first step towards successful EXAMCET preparation is choosing the right book for EXAMCET. However, aspirants should avoid referring too many books at a time, as it leads to confusion.



Which book is recommended for EAMCET?


So you are targeting EXAMCET 2018? Confused with which book to refer? Don’t worry! Given below is a list of 10 Best Books for EAMCET Engineering Exam Preparation 2018. It can help in supplementing your EXAMCET Preparation. Read on.




1 Concepts of Physics (Volume – 1) 1st Edition:


H C Verma’s Concepts Of Physics is an all-inclusive book, which serves to detail out the ABC of physics in an intricate manner making it an ideal book for not only the higher secondary students, but also for those who are preparing for their competitive examinations.

Summary Of The Book

Physics as a subject is vast and to have all the concepts of Physics compiled in one book is indeed a boon to all students. The book has been tailored to meet the needs 10 + 2 or higher secondary students and for the students who are appearing for a competitive examination. It has everything a student would possibly need for their success in exams. The book comes supplemented with a large number of solved and unsolved problems. Numerical exercises inundate the book for a better understanding of the subject.

The book starts with an Introduction to Physics and goes on to elucidate the concept of Physics and Mathematics in the second chapter. In the third chapter the author talks about Rest and Motion: Kinematics. In the fourth chapter he moves on to discuss the concept of Forces. Newton’s Laws of Motion is elaborated in the fifth chapter and the theory of Friction is expanded in the sixth chapter. The seventh and eighth chapters feature discussion on Circular Motion and Work and Energy while the focus of the tenth chapter is on Rotational Mechanics.

The details of Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion and Fluid Mechanics are developed in the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth chapters. The fourteenth and fifteenth chapters explain Some Mechanical Properties of Matter and Wave Motion and Waves on a String. The sixteenth and seventeenth chapters focus on Sound Waves and Light Waves while the eighteenth chapter stresses on the Geometrical Optics. The nineteenth chapter elaborates on Optical Instruments and Dispersion and Spectra, Speed of Light and Photometry is discussed in the twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-second chapter.  

The book also consists of two appendices. This edition was published in 2011.




2. Concepts of Physics 2 1st Edition:


Catering to the needs of pre-college students, and for students preparing for courses like engineering and medicine, author H. C. Verma compiles an exhaustive list of topics under one book – Concepts of Physics (Volume-2).

Summary Of The Book

Concepts of Physics explains the different theories and concepts in an easy-to-understand way, making it popular among students. H. C. Verma’s book is an all-inclusive theoretical and conceptual guide that covers a vast range of topics. It is an ideal book not only for pre-college students but also for those appearing for competitive exams in the field of engineering and medicine. It is a book that aims to comprehensively guide the students in various aspects of physics thus, making them fully equipped to answer any type of questions that may come in the exams.

Volume 2 of the Concepts of Physics starts with a chapter on Heat and Temperature. It moves on to explain the Kinetic Theory of Gases. The concepts of Calorimetry, Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Specific Heat Capacities of Gases are discussed in the subsequent chapters. There are separate chapters on Gauss’s Law, Electric Field and Potential, and Capacitors.

The book also features chapters and detailed explanations on Electric Current in Conductors, Thermal and Chemical effects of Electric Current, and Magnetic Field. The author also elucidates on the concept of Permanent Magnets, Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves. He further stresses on the Magnetic Field due to a current, Magnetic Properties of Matter, Alternating Current and Electric Current through Gases. In the last chapters of the book, the author details out on Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom, Photoelectric Effect and Wave Particle Duality, X-rays, The Nucleus, Theory of Relativity and, Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices.
Each chapter has been intricately dealt with in the book. It is an ideal study book for all kinds of competitive exams like IIT-JEE and different types of state level exams for engineering and medicine.




3. Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry For JEE/ISEET 1st Edition  (English, Paperback, Ananya Ganguly):


A complete guide to inorganic chemistry for the engineering entrance examination.

Summary Of The Book

Fundamentals Of Inorganic Chemistry For JEE/ISEET is based on the author’s class notes. A popular Chemistry teacher who runs an institute to train students in Chemistry for IIT and other entrance exams, this book provides a concise coverage of the fundamentals of inorganic Chemistry.

Every year, several thousands of students appear for various entrance exams to technology courses. Engineering entrance exams test the basic science skills of the students who have just finished their schooling.

Chemistry is an important part of the engineering entrance exams and a thorough knowledge of the subject helps the students increase their chances of gaining more marks, to increase their chances of gaining a seat in an engineering college.

This book provides specialized coverage of inorganic chemistry. The book covers Periodic Properties and Chemical Bonding, Group II – Alkaline Earth metals, Group 14 – Carbon Family, Group 13 – Boron Family, Group 17 – Halogens, Group 15 – Nitrogen Family, Group 18 – Noble Gases, and Group 16 – Oxygen Family.

Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry For JEE/ISEET also covers Hydrogen, Alkali Metals, Transition Elements and their Compounds, Salt Analysis, Co-ordination Chemistry and Principles of Metallurgy.

Based on the author’s unique coaching methods, taken from her class notes, this book presents each topic in a structured and lucid manner. Designed to be completely student friendly, this book is a definitive guide to those preparing for IIT JEE and other competitive exams that include a test of chemistry knowledge




4. EAMCET Chemistry Chapterwise 23 Years Solutions & 5 Mock Tests 3rd Edition:



EAMCET Chemistry Chapterwise 23 Years Solutions & 5 Mock Tests is a comprehensive book for students preparing for the Engineering, Agriculture, and Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET). The book comprises of chapters on atoms, molecules and atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical kinetics, equilibrium, electrochemistry, s- and p-block elements, and environmental chemistry. In addition, the book consists of previous years’ solved papers and mock tests for thorough practice and revision. This book is essential for students aspiring to pursue engineering from premier technical universities of Andhra Pradesh.






5. Physics for SEE – GBTU 2014 : Uttar Pradesh Engineering Entrance Exam 3rd Edition:


Physics for SEE – GBTU 2014: Uttar Pradesh Engineering Entrance Exam is a comprehensive book for students appearing for the Uttar Pradesh State Engineering Entrance Examination conducted by Gautam Buddh Technical University in Lucknow. The book comprises of chapters on measurements, kinematics, laws of motion and forces, work, power, and energy, rotational motion, thermodynamics, oscillations, electricity and magnetism, and dispersion of light and photometry. In addition, the book consists of several solved and unsolved questions, sample papers and previous years’ solved papers for thorough practice and revision. This book is essential for students aspiring to study engineering from technical universities of Uttar Pradesh.







6. SEE – GBTU 2014 – Mathematics : With 3 Mock Test & Entrance Corner 3rd Edition:




SEE – GBTU 2014 – Mathematics 3rd Edition, authored by S. N. Sharma, is a comprehensive text for the Uttar Pradesh State Engineering Entrance Exam. The book comprises of practice sets and solved papers from previous years.








7. EAMCET Mathematics (Andhra & Telangana) Chapterwise 25 Years’ Solutions and 5 Mock Tests:


The Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University (JNTU) conducts the Engineering, Agriculture & Medical Common Entrance Test (EAMCET) Andhra & Telangana for admission to Engineering, agriculture and Medical courses conducted in various institutes in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. This book has been designed for the aspirants preparing for EAMCET Andhra & Telangana.
The present book has been divided into 31 chapters covering the syllabi of EAMCET (Engineering) Mathematics containing chapterwise solutions of questions asked in last 25 Years’ EAMCET (Engineering) Entrance Exam. The book covers Complex Numbers, Theory of Equations, Logarithms & Surds, Logarithmic & Exponential Series, Mathematical Induction & Series, Partial Functions, Binomial Theorem, Determinants & Matrices, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Trigonometric Ratios & Identities, Trigonometric Equations, Hyperbolic Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Properties of Triangle & Heights & Distances, Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates, Straight Line & Pair of Straight Lines, Circle & System of Circles, Conic Sections, Vector Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry, Functions, Limits & Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Partial Differentiation, Indefinite Integration, Definite Integration & Its Applications, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods and Miscellaneous, according to the syllabi of EAMCET 2016. The previous questions have been arranged chapterwise. The solutions given to the previous years’ EAMCET Mathematics questions are authentic and explanatory for effective understanding of the concepts on which the questions are based. Wherever required the solutions have been explained with the help of tables and diagrams. Also last seven years’ (2009-2015) Solved Papers of EAMCET Engineering have been provided in the book to help the aspirants get an insight into the pattern of the entrance test. Solutions to each previous year paper have been given in detail. Also five Mock Tests designed according to the current trends of EAMCET have also been provided in the book for thorough revision and self analysis of the level of preparation for the examination.
As the book contains large number of previous years’ solved questions as well as ample number of mock tests for practicing the concepts, it will help the students climb up the ladder of success in the upcoming EAMCET 2016 Entrance Exam.




8. Biology @ Your Fingertips: A Complete Guide for the Medical Entrance Examinations:



This book covers every topic in biology that is asked in various PMTs. It serves as a manual for medical entrance examinations giving you an overview of the complete biology syllabus. You need not study from any other material of any coaching institute to supplement this book. I expect atleast 90-95% questions in biology in the PMTs from this book.






1. This book contains all very important and frequently asked questions from biology in factual form derived from the previous years’ question papers of all medical entrance examinations.
2. A collection of 100+ mnemonics not to be found elsewhere.
3. It also contains tips for solving questions, FAQs regarding preparation methods, study techniques, suggestions and advice regarding the entire preparation as well as last minute revision.
4. Flow charts, tables, cycles have been incorporated in a notes wise format for better comprehension and easy learning.
5. Well labelled diagrams (NCERT based) for AIIMS, CBSE-Mains, Karnataka CET, and Manipal etc. have been included.
6. All the important terms and facts have been highlighted by using italics or bold fonts and the lesser important ones have been written in smaller fonts while the necessary superfluous information has been omitted.
7. Also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations.
8. At least 90-95% questions in biology in PMTs are expected from this book.
9. Even a below average student can crack the exam after reading this book.
10. This book also covers additional topics asked in different state-level examinations.
11. Questions from the current editions of NCERT biology are asked in various exams including AIIMS, AIPMT, DPMT; while AMU and DPMT draw questions even from very old editions of NCERT biology; keeping this in mind, I have compiled chapter-wise points from three editions of NCERT biology (1999, 2006, 2008).
12. Atleast 90-95% questions in biology in the PMTs are expected to come from this book.
13. It’s in accordance with the latest guidelines and the pattern proposed for NEET 2013 onwards.




9. Modern Abc Of Biology Class-XII (Set Of 2 Parts) (With CD):


   Table of Contents:-

  Part-I :
  Unit-I : Reproduction

  -Reproduction in Organisms

  -Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

  -Human Reproduction

  -Reproductive Health



Unit-II : Genetics and Evolution

  • Principles of Inheritance and Variations
  • Molecular Basis of Inheritance
  • Evolution

Unit-III : Biology and Human Welfare

  • Human Health and Diseases
  • Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
  • Microbes in Human Welfare

Unit-IV : Biotechnology and its Applications

  • Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
  • Biotechnology and its Applications

Unit-V : Ecology and Environment

  • Organisms and Populations
  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Environmental Issues








The revised and updated third edition of Complete Biology is based on the syllabus and pattern of the Newly introduced National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) and also the broad syllabi of the other major medical entrance examinations not covered by NEET.






Apart from studying theory, one should also have books that comprises of EXAMCET question papers of last few years. This could be of great help during EXAMCET 2018 revision.



If you have any other updates that we should be included in this list of 10 Best Books for EAMCET Engineering Exam Preparation 2018, then please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.


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